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4 Jul 2012

RTW - Yearbook

Road Trip Wednesday is a ‘Blog Carnival,’ where YA Highway's contributors post a weekly writing- or reading-related question that begs to be answered. In the comments, you can hop from destination to destination and get everybody's unique take on the topic.
This Week's Topic:
What yearbook "most" category (also known as superlatives) would your character win?

I'll go for the characters of Inside the Broom Closet because high school is a big thing in their lives and the plot.  While on the political side of things they're afraid of being caught out as witches in high school they're going through their own personal hell with bullies, emotions, and personal issues.

Connor would win the loudest student or most talkative by far.  In every single one of his classes he is the student who will always put his hand up and has never ending opinions about every single thing.  He has answers, he has theories and he's quite confident to ramble on about them.  He doesn't really care if everyone else, even the teachers, are getting a little fed up with hearing his voice.

Brandon would be in competition, as always, with David for most likely to be successful or rich or maybe even the Prime Minister.  Brandon is an intelligent character who could really go far with his life if he really applied himself and is actually a match for David who wants everything.  He wants the Head Boy title, he wants that acceptance into Oxford, and he wants to be a successful lawyer.  He's not exactly keen on Brandon because he could easily get those things as well. 

Hannah would win the most shy, except she would probably like to see herself win a category that means she's well-liked, well-dressed, or maybe even the most confident.  But she'd probably be seen as shy which she won't respond to well.  She's an eccentric, reserved character who is really curling up in her shell at high school and would love to have a bit more confidence.

And Tess, after everything she's experiencing in high school, would love to stay as invisible as possible, not wanting to be voted for any category or even considered.  No photos in the yearbook. Nothing.  She's probably having the roughest time out of all the characters so she would like to stay unnoticed and just sail through college with no more attention, gossip, and taunting.  If there was a category for her that she wouldn't mind maybe she'd want to win the most girly or shopaholic.  She likes to shop, loves the idea of retail therapy, and loves sales.  I'd avoid her on Boxing Day.   


  1. I love how you gave each of your characters a superlative--nicely done! I was intrigued by everything you had to say about each of them. Can't wait to maybe someday read this! :)

  2. Thanks. :) Post ended up a bit long but I couldn't choose just one. They're all the MCs really. Each one has their own story in the book as well as the one that involves all of them.

  3. It's great you know your MCs well enough to be able to give them all meaningful superlatives, Robin. Thy sound like interesting characters--i look forward to reading their story one day... soon! :)

  4. I love how Hannah would probably not respond well to being voted most shy. I think it says a lot about a character - that they want to be seen differently. Would it be a catalyst for change for her?

    Very intriguing group of characters!

  5. Awesome, you got some strong characters in your story. I've known a few "Connors" in high school and college. Even though they are annoying, a part of me enjoys the arguments that happen in class. Sometimes it keeps things fresh in otherwise boring classes. ;)

  6. Really interesting group of characters here and you obviously know them all really well. Sounds great!

  7. It is great that you have so many MCs with different characteristics! Sounds like they will make for an exciting story.

  8. These characters all sound so interesting and realistic! I can't wait to read about their adventures someday :)