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18 Jul 2012

RTW - For Ideas and Inspiration

Road Trip Wednesday is a ‘Blog Carnival,’ where YA Highway's contributors post a weekly writing- or reading-related question that begs to be answered. In the comments, you can hop from destination to destination and get everybody's unique take on the topic.
This Week's Topic:

When you need creative inspiration, where do you go?

My favourite place to go is Costa in my local Waterstones for general writing inspiration and motivation.  When I'm surrounded by books and I have a mocha and a small little table that will fit my netbook or notebook on I can write.  I see all these books around me and it reminds me what my goal is and inspires me to keep going and work on my current WiP. 

Places are a big inspiration for me creatively so if I'm going to York or a new place I'll keep a camera and notebook with me because no doubt the setting will inspire something for me.  When I learn to drive and get my own car I plan to travel around to places in Yorkshire for new ideas and new settings.  I'd like to repeatedly travel to places that inspired a WiP to begin with.  So York is always on my list of places to go in the holidays.  London inspired a project so I hope to go there in October.  Add Horsforth on the list for Beast Inside.  It's been ages since I was there but I hope to go back there when I start my studies again so I'll get to take more pictures and stay inspired to write Beast Inside

Where do you turn to for creative inspiration? Join us on YA Highway!


  1. I travel a lot. 30 countries in ten years now. I reside in Manila and there are a number of places to go and explore, experience and have new ideas, etc generate in my mind.

  2. The Waterstones in Brighton just grew so now it's an even more awesome place to sit and write :)

  3. My best friend is from Hull in Yorkshire, and I really want to go visit there -- especially during the Hull fair!

  4. Emma--did you know I did my undergrad at Hull University? :)

    There's some wonderful landscape and great little villages around Yorkshire that could really help inspire stories. I don't think places provide initial inspiration for me, but they can help with an idea I already have. Like you said, Robin, about visiting places you have set stories--that's how I think places work for me. For example, if I decide to set a story in California, the fact I've now been to CA will help me develop ideas. And I might want to make a return trip to bolster my memory. But the idea to set the story in CA wouldn't necessarily be based on my experience there.

  5. Wow, what beautiful pictures!
    That place would probably snatch my attention while I was visiting it, but I think it would affect my inspiration afterward ;)
    To inspire me, I travel inside my mind lol

  6. I love bookstores for gathering inspiration, too, but I don't think I could actually write in one - somehow, it would be a little too intimidating for me :)

  7. York!!! That is one of my favorite cities in the world. And I've been to a lot. :) I think it's because standing in the Shambles, I always feel like I'm actually in the middle ages...

  8. Jeremy, I'm in envy! Ten countries? I'd love to have that opportunity!

    Cole, I just love Waterstones and Costa together. I pass so many others on my way there but I have to be in the one surrounded by books. It makes me feel very writer-ly. :D

    Emma, I've never been to Hull either but I'd love to go! Almost went there for university but I stuck to Leeds.

    Colin, you're lucky that you can pop to these places in America. It's gonna take a lot of saving to get me there! My camera and notebook are ready and waiting!

    Juliana, they are stunning places. If you ever come to England I recommend York. Beautiful city!

    A.K, it does take a while for me to write because I feel a tad arrogant but once you get into it and start that writing buzz you forget about the people around you. It also helps when others are doing the same!

    Ellen, I love it too. I want to live there so much! I just feel like I'm in the most historical place ever when I'm in that city and surrounded by heritage. It's so inspiring. :)

  9. I think travelling can be a great way to find inspiration. Not only are you more relaxed (usually) so your brain isn't bogged down by stress, but just experiencing different cultures can be inspiring too.

  10. What a beautiful city. I want to travel in the future. (not to the future. But that's cool too.)
    Great post. Thanks for sharing

  11. I want to go to England so bad. Like, insanely bad. It's number one on my international travel wish list. So this post is tantalizing me! I'm sure England would be incredibly inspirational.

  12. Ah, your post reminded me of my trip to London and surroundings a decade ago and someday I hope to return. I just got out the photo albums to show the kids as we wait for the Olympics.

    Travel has always been very inspiring for me. Wish I could travel more!

  13. Uh, yes, travels are also great inspirations. And being in a bookstore to have your goal right in front of you is a great tactic, I will definitely try that soon!