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26 Jun 2012

TTT- You Remind Me of Someone...

Top Ten Tuesdays is hosted by The Broke and The Bookish so come along and join in the fun!  This week, we've been asked to name:
The Top Ten Characters Who Remind Me Of Myself Or Someone I Know In Real Life

Now, I may be cheating or not here but I've added in a couple TV characters because when I read this the first person who popped into my head was:

1) Rosie Webster (Coronation Street)
Rosie is a character on Coronation, one of the (too many) soap operas we unfortunately have in the UK.  As a character Rosie is shallow, caring solely about her looks and body and going around sleeping with any guy she sets her eyes on.  She's OTT, dumb, and dreams of fame, money, and glory.  Now, she didn't sleep around and preferred committed relationships but my former housemate R could have been her twin.  She was quite vain, appearance obsessed, and like Rosie Webster has had a few tarty outfits in the past.  We're talking tops that hang just below her boobs.  R was the type to take a thousand new pictures of herself each day purely for facebook.  Everything about her was fake.  She wore fake nails, fake eyelashes, hair extensions, and slapped on make-up just for coming down for a tea.  Now, I wear make-up myself and I'm into fashion and beauty but R took it to shallow levels just like Rosie Webster.  Appearances were everything and it wasn't just looking good in beauty and make-up.  R insisted on wearing heels everywhere.  Flats were disgraceful and she preferred style over comfort.  I tell you something, it ruined her feet! Jeans were for commoners and I quote: 'only peasants ride the bus and the train'.  She really looked down on people who travelled like this.  No lie! This is what she was really like.  A fascinating subject for a writer!

2) Hermione Granger (Harry Potter)

I'm sure everyone knows the uber-intelligent student who always knew everything and did everything right in their studies.  There was a girl like Hermione in my year at high school and college.  Since starting with us in year seven I quickly found out that there was nothing she couldn't do.  A was in all the top sets in her classes with the straight A/A* grade.  Foreign languages came easily to her, she was fantastic in art, could touch type like it came naturally, understood maths and, overall, excelled in everything.   Like Hermione she did tend to be a little bossy and if our tutor wasn't here or late she would frequently take over the class, taking the register and marching around as if observing the rest of her classmates if they were getting a bit rowdy and silly.  She did also take over in drama classes, telling our usual group what to do, how to act, and directing it all herself.  But she grew out of that eventually.  I think as she grew older she chilled out a bit more and stopped the bossy act.  Because then you could see that she was actually a lovely and polite person. 

3 & 4) Bianca Piper (The Duff)
I think Bianca is the first character who I could really relate to.  I always felt like I was the Duff in my circle of friends who had everything I wanted at that age.  One friend had a great chest, another had a slim body, another had respect, and one had a great social life outside of school.  I saw my friends be the girl many boys wanted to date, have a lot of boyfriends, or got on with more people and in Bianca I saw that same cynical teenager I became.  Envious, very insecure, and positive that my appearance wasn't going to get me anyone.  It started years and years of body insecurities that are still there to this day.  I completely saw myself in Bianca minus the relationship.  I did have a couple of boyfriends during high school and sixth form but nothing like the relationship Bianca had with Wesley.  In the end we both got our perfect guys although mine is nothing like Wesley (thank goodness!).

I might cheat and say Bianca's relationship with Wesley also reminds me of my other housemate C.  Unlike R, C was not confident about herself.  She came from a crappy home life where her parents were on the brink of divorce and her sisters were nasty and manipulative to her.  She always felt ugly and couldn't bring herself to have any self-worth.  The start of university was also the start of abusive relationships.  Her first cheated on her.  Multiple times.  Finally she got over him and found who I think was her Toby.  G seemed lovely.  He was there for her during her bad times (and there were quite a lot of those).  But she dumped him wanting time to herself and immediately hooked up with a guy who was ten years older than her.  That was probably the worst relationship she had.  Like Bianca it was all about sex.  This guy would take C out but he would never commit to the relationship.  He didn't want to be her boyfriend and while she was angry at this, she continued to let him use her for sex.  It almost drove her to suicide.  It completely broke her and unfortunately she didn't get the happy ending Bianca did.  The guy didn't want to know, just wanted sex, and it took her months to finally realise that, give up, and move on.

5) Mandarin Ramey (Like Mandarin)
Mandarin reminded me of M back in high school.  M was one of my closest friends who I idolised.  She was the goth girl with an odd nature and a string of boyfriends and guys who crushed on her.  At school she was the girl with the long black hair, pale face and goth attire.  She was confident, wild, and was free to do whatever she wanted.  And I guess I did want to be like her.  But like Grace I soon learnt that this real life Mandarin was actually pretty screwed up.  As my friends and I grew older we started to really see what M was like.  She slept around and constantly had pregnancy scares.  She took instant dislike to any young girls who liked the boys she knew, being nasty to them.  Her reasons were to show them that life sucked and it was shit.  Her whole view of the world, people, and life was negative.  She skipped classes, didn't bother with homework, couldn't care less about exams even though she constantly whined that nothing was going right and wanted to make something of herself.  Surprise, surprise, none of us talk to her now.  She pushed everyone away and disappeared.  What's becoming of her? Who knows? The one thing we do unfortunately know is that it won't be something that's changing her life for the better.

6) Simon Lewis (The Mortal Instruments)
In The Mortal Instruments Simon is the underdog best friend with the crush on the main girl but invisible because of that hot brooding supernatural boy.  Well, there was never any hot supernatural guy and love triangle but my close friend E reminds me a lot of Simon when I look back.  E was geeky with a snarky sense of humour.  Sporty but dorky and someone who I had a real laugh with.  He was genuine and kind and a great friend.  Definitely would make the nice guy best friend in a book.

7) Chandler Bing (Friends)
Out of all the male Friends characters I always crushed on Chandler Bing.  Chandler was the dorky, sarcastic and hilarious character who never really thought much of himself.  He always made me laugh and this how Pete makes me feel.  Since I met him he has made me laugh and feel good about myself.   He makes jokes, sometimes inappropriate, and can be dorky and childish.  I apparently am a neat freak and organise everything.  Look, it just makes sense to organise the DVD by genre and also have franchises in the order they came out! But I always said I wanted to find my Chandler.  The one who I knew was the one I wanted to be with, who made me laugh, and could share my own silliness with.  And I've found him!

8) Monica Geller (Friends)
Okay, I'm Monica.  I'm small, sometimes shrill and have to be dragged kicking and screaming away from tidying.  I freak out if clothes are sprawled on the floor and can NOT sleep in a messy bedroom.  I hate mess, I'm tidying constantly, and I obsessively organise things in certain orders.  God help Pete if he messes up the DVD collection! My worst obsession is the duvet and sheets.  The tag always has to be facing the bottom of the bed and this stripy sheet I have for it... I won't rest until those stripes are perfectly straight.  And I do tend to be competitive.  When I was younger I won an award: Win At All Costs.  I wasn't entirely sure what it meant and the person said I was just prepared to win... to the point where I may have killed somebody to do so.  Oh dear.

9) Lena Kaligaris (The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants)

Although S was a lot more confident and not reserved, Lena reminds me of S just because of her art skills.  Most of us in the group were quite arty but S was always the most talented.  She had the talent, the passion, and sure enough went on to study art at university.  So every time I watch or when I read The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants I always think of S and her love for art.

10) Phoebe Buffay (Friends)

Could I possibly cheat and list another character that makes me think of M? Now M had her dark side but when I keep thinking back I also remember how extremely weird and quirky she could be.  There was always something haunting her but there was also a funny side to her that we all laughed at.  She could say and do odd things at times and mostly lived in her own little world.  Luckily she didn't go around school strumming a guitar and singing 'Smelly cat' but I bet if she could play and had the lyrical brains, she probably would. 
Any characters remind you of someone or yourself?


  1. I was actually called Hermione for a while at school when I was 12 or so, but not in a bad way. I was more shy so not bossy but I did need to get an A+ on everything. So much so that one night I had forgotten my homework at school so I made my parents write me an excuse for the next day! My teacher did tell my parents I needed to relax a little, which I luckily did as I got older.

  2. I was a goody-goody student at high school. I always did my homework and just got on with things. I was never as smart as Hermione or A but I never wanted to get into trouble. :)

  3. Oh, I totally wanted to add some TV character's to my list. Chandler totally reminds me of my husband. I would be Rory from Gilmore Girls. But together, we're totally Marshall and Lily from How I Met Your Mother.

    Great list!

  4. Monica and Chandler were my favourite characters in Friends. Marshall and Lily too in HIMYM! Both couples remind me of myself and my boyfriend, maybe a little more Chandler and Monica. We're probably the dorkiest couple you could ever meet! XD

  5. When it comes to British soaps, Coronation Street gets a pass, just because it's been going for so long. My mum used to watch it regularly (she may still for all I know). :)

    A very interesting Top Ten, Robin. Your #3 made me sad. I have 5 daughters, and it annoys me how much our shallow culture pressures young girls to look a certain way, or think a certain way. I try to teach my kids to find the balance between not being socially awkward (wear clean clothes, practice good hygiene, etc), and being comfortable with who they are and not slaves to public approval.

    I'm very glad you've found your Chandler. :D

  6. Chandler is definitely the best Friends character, but mainly for the reason that I can totally identify with his sense of humor - I once tried the "I am not going to make sarcastic comments" thing and I did not speak for a couple of days. :D

  7. Colin, If I was a mother I would absolutely panic once my daughter would hit her teens. I wouldn't want her to see all these celebrities and think that's how she must be. That's why I'm grateful for articles that show a celebrity's real photo and the photoshopped one. Then you can really see that they're just like us with flaws and not so perfect figures. They're trashy reports and trivial but I feel much more comfortable with myself seeing celebrities look normal.

    The perfect reason for contemporary YA to exist really. Helping teenage girls and boys overcome their insecurities and teaching them to be more confident.

    Milka, I so wish I had Chandler's wit. I can be sarcastic but it doesn't roll of my tongue so easily. I'll settle for just being a Monica. =D