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17 Jun 2012

Row80 Check-in 17/06/2012

Word count target for this week: 30,000

Word count: 30,101

It's been slow writing and I think I kinda know why.  I'm 30K in and I'm still developing things.  I have one of those WiPs that doesn't seem to have an ending anywhere in the near future.  I know what will need to be scrapped in the edits. 

I'm finally starting to get to the middle now.  I'll now have more focus on the witchy aspects, moving away from the teenage issues, and get the party started.  Finally. 

And maybe, I'll come to the ending? If it has one...

I want to reach 50,000 next week.  Because this draft sure as hell isn't going to be 50K and I'll need the extra week to properly finish it off.  And I'll need to tighten the plot up too otherwise I definitely won't finish it for JuNoWriMo.  I don't want to just reach 50,000 and be done with it.  I want to go all to the way to end.

How's everyone else doing with their projects? Add your progress here!


  1. You're making great progress with that draft, good for you! Have you been joining in the JuNoWriMo Twitter sprints? I find they are really motivating. Have a great week and happy writing!

  2. That's great progress! I also want to get to 50K by the end of this week, cause I think my draft will end up at around 55-60K. It's developed a lot more than I initially thought. Oh getting the party started witch style sounds like some fun and perhaps a lot of trouble. Good luck with hitting your target and finishing your draft.

  3. Way to go! You're doing so, so great!
    I'm sure you can make it ;)

  4. I usually miss the sprints. Even when I'm on Twitter I keep missing the announcments because I haven't got the page on. I'm thinking of trying them this week. Some sprints would be good to whip out a few big word counts.

    Laura, good luck! I know how that feels when the WiP develops more than you think. This beginning of mine is absolutely long! So many sub-plots for the characters!

    Thanks, Juliana!

  5. good word count - not sure mine will be finished at end of Juno - oh, the 50000 words will be but not the tale- going to try some sprints this week if I can find them- all the best