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21 Jun 2012

ROW80: Annnnnd Time's Up!

This has actually come as a surprise to me because I was sure this round of ROW80 finished in July.  But it actually ends today.  Oops.  I started off with two goals:

 1) Finish the next round of editing for Beast Inside.  Aim for the end of May.

2) Complete JuNoWriMo. One month and a 50,000 word target. I managed NaNo so I'm confident that I can do it again.

I didn't finish the edits for Beast Inside.  I stopped when JuNoWriMo started so I could concentrate on that but I got quite a few chapters edited at least.  Better that than nothing at all.  And I'm currently at 34K at the mo .  All my chores are sorted out so I have more time to sit and write.  I hope to make the 50K for Sunday even though it won't be finished.  There's still plenty more to write.  Too much actually. 

This was my first time doing ROW80.  So will I make the next round? I think I might skip it.  I do love the challenge and keeping note of my progress but it has meant another day blogging and with JuNo and Camp NaNo in August, I don't want to blog for the majority of the week.  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday are enough for me I think with three days dedicated to a lot more writing.  And there's always so much to do on a Sunday that I have to quickly squeeze the tiny update in.  I'll leave it but I won't say no to it in the future.  If I feel like I need a good kicking and motivation I'll go for it but I'll leave out this round.

I'd like to thank Juliana for introducing me to it! It has been fantastic in goal keeping and if you have more time on your hands than I do I really recommend it.  Check out the website for more information.  And also, be sure to check out everyone's progress!


  1. Aw, my pleasure! Sorry you got confused on the dates >.<
    I'm also sorry you won't join us next round =P
    You got so much done and your progress with JuNo is going so well! I'm sure you'll meet your goal by the weekend ;)

  2. Haha, don't worry. My fault for not checking properly. =P

    I'll miss taking part again but I want to blog less just while I'm doing JuNo, editing BI and then doing August Camp NaNo. It was fun though. Glad I did it!