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23 Jun 2012

News to Novels #22

Being 22 I thought all that silly teenage stuff would be in the past.  But recently I've had a friend who has brought back all those high school frustrations where I'm messed around, dealing with their mood swings, and wondering if the friendship is all worth it.  And it got me reminiscing about teenage life.  So this week I wanted to track down general teenage articles.  More character inspiration articles.  Girls talking about teenage life, what it feels like to be pressurised and what they've witnessed happening around them, spoilt teenagers, connecting to teenagers of the past and becoming a parental adviser.  These will certainly help when I get down to that contemporary YA project I've been mentally planning but I hope they'd be helpful for you as well. 

Binge-drinking, underage sex, drugs and even thoughts of suicide: Inside the secret life of teenage girls
Today's teenage girls come under pressure to grow up faster than ever before. Last month the Home Secretary ordered a review into whether girls are being sexualities through fashion, music and computer games, but how many parents are aware of the social and sexual pressures their daughters face? The latest disturbing statistics show that more than 60 per cent of girls have had sex under the age of 16. Meanwhile, online experts CyberSentinel says that 17 hours of the average teenage week are spent browsing the web for topics such as diets, cosmetic surgery and soft pornography, or chatting on social networking sites and MSN instant messenger, where a quarter of girls regularly talk to strangers. They are alarming statistics for any parent, but what do the girls themselves have to say? With the permission of their parents, RACHEL PORTER asked seven girls, aged 12 to 14, what it's really like being on the cusp of adulthood in Britain today...

Two cars he's too young to drive, a jet ski, and £20,000 blown on his birthday ... is this Britain's most spoilt teenager?
The economic downturn hasn't affected plans for Jordan Smith's forthcoming 17th birthday one iota.  Despite being a plain old carpentry student, the teenager is anticipating a lavish celebration in May, with his doting mother Suzanne Dickenson proudly admitting that she has spent £20,000 on gifts.  'I'm buying him a new, customised Vauxhall Corsa,' she says, 'and I've promised him a shopping trip to New York afterwards. I'm also going to build a log cabin next to our house. It will be good for him to have somewhere private to hang out.'

How to be a good parent: a teenager's guide
Dealing with moody teenagers is a problem all parents experience. But now a 16-year-old student is here to help. Ellie Ward, who prefers to be known by her pseudonym Jelly Ellie, has just landed a publishing deal for her parenting book How Teenagers Think.
Here, Ellie, who lives in Surrey with her parents, Louise, 38, an accountant, and Peter, 43, an IT contractor, tells Femail what parents are doing wrong...

Teenager who was bullied for being 'fat and ugly' has last laugh as she reaches final in modelling contest
A teenager told yesterday how she triumphed over school bullies who branded her 'fat' and drove her to bulimia - after making the finals of a national modelling contest.  Pretty brunette Emily Cooper, 19, was bullied remorselessly in school by gangs of girls both in the playground and on social networking site Bebo.

The red leather diary: Journal from a lost world
After discovering a discarded diary, writer Lily Koppel unlocked the life of a teenager growing up in New York in the 1930s – and tracked her down in the 21st century.


  1. That second to last one really doesn't sit well with me. I'm really, really, REALLY happy she got over an awful eating disorder and has the strength to move on after being bullied, but I really dislike the tone of the article. There's a throw-away "bright student" comment and references to her A-Levels and university at the very end when that should really be the focus of the article. She's smart and intelligent and strong enough to overcome everything. THAT should be what we all care about, not focusing on her physical appearance - especially when she's had bulimia.

    Sorry, that became a bit of a rant ^^; Thanks for sharing! I'm definitely thinking it all over!

  2. I never understood parents that spoiled their children way too much - at some point they won't be there anymore or will run out of money and then the kid won't know how to take care of himself!

    Really love the diary article though, such an incredible coincidence and wonderful story! Wish I was the lucky author to have something great like that fall in my lap ;)

  3. Cole, I agree about the modelling. On one hand it's great that she's finally getting the positive comments she wants about her appearance but the modelling world is probably a bit dangerous for someone with her history. I don't think it's the right place for her because it's just as brutal.

    Katharina, they're just causing problems for themselves when he's older. Like you said he'll have no sense of independency and he'll be demanding more and more expensive things as he gets older. He'll probably think that they can support him and refuse to get a job.

    The diary article is my favourite find of all these articles. I'd love to read something like that in YA. It could make for a lovely coming-of-age story.