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17 May 2012

Vampire Idol

You all know by now I adore vampires.  Well, I adore the vampires in film and television who are the antagonists.  Brutal, creepy, and threatening.  The ones who don't mess around and fall in love with humans.  None of that silly behaviour. 

I have a few top favourite vampire flicks but one film has a bloodsucker that has always stood out.  One of the vampires that acts true to his nature and would scare the crap out of me if I came across him in a dark alley.  Chances are I wouldn't get out alive.  No-one gets out alive with him around. 

Meet Severen from Near Dark.

Played by Bill Paxton, Severen is the insane, blood thirsty vampire who enjoys a good hunt.  He's quite enthusiastic about a kill, playing around with his prey either by pretending he's (slightly) normal or letting the victim think they're actually hurting him before he flashes that manic grin and goes for the throat.

The film focuses on Caleb, a young man who turns his charm on the wrong girl.  He's bitten, turned into a vampire and is picked up by this girl and her "family" of travelling vamps.  The rest are ready to give Caleb a chance to prove he can be a killer and Severen goes along with it but that's not stopping him from threatening to blow his head off.  He's wild, always looking for action and trouble with a right gob on him.  His brutality is terrifying and manic, a perfect villainous vampire and an inspiration to the vampires I want to show in Beast Inside.  No mercy, no falling in love, and bloodthirsty.

To see Severen in all his glory this is the best scene of the film.


  1. LOL @ "silly behaviour". Hi there, Spike!

  2. It's very silly =P Repeating high school, mingling with humans, and lurking in the shadows with brooding caterpillar eyebrows. They're just messing around now and not getting on with things. ^^