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28 May 2012

Shiny New Characters

Last week I showed a glimpse of the new WiP for JuNo.  Plenty of witchy pictures and anarchist music. :D Now it's time to meet the victims characters of Inside the Broom Closet.

Hannah Wiley
Hannah has just moved away from her town where witch hunting is getting out of control and gone to live near her cousin's.  She's quite reserved, having previously experienced bullying at her old school but is fortunately getting her confidence back slowly but surely.  She can be quite immature, normally teasing her cousin, Ashley, in front of his friends (to put him down a peg or two) and very frank.  She's learning to speak her mind again and is ready to protest and rebel against the Witch Hunts thanks to Connor's influence.  She has the same impulsiveness to jump straight into rebelling without thinking of the consequences.

Connor Moore
Anarchist in the making.  There are years of anger boiling up there and Connor's about to finally blow.  He hates the government, he hates discrimination, and he thinks he's the guy to stand up and start a fight.  He's opinionated as hell - there's not really a topic that he doesn't have an opinion of.  He's quite the open character.  What you see is what you get... apart from the witch thing but that's due to change.  He's loud, confident, and he thinks he can turn the law around.  If I had to have an image of Connor it would probably be a cross between Sid Vicious and Christian Slater in Heathers

Theresa 'Tess' Denver
Theresa is probably the quietest character of the trio even though she mainly leads the circles.  While Hannah and Connor are ready to bring their own anarchy Tess is in the background, warning and warning them.  But she can have a sharp tongue if necessary.  Seriously... don't piss her off too much.  If you're not going to listen to her she'll make sure you do.  It's honestly for your own good.  She's dealing with her own discrimination, fed up at school about the gossip and attitude towards her.  Really, she's just looking forward to the day where she can get the hell out and go off to university very far away.  She's tempted to rebel but her step-uncle's parishioners give her hope that there are better ways to start standing up and she has supporters. 

Ashley Harris
Bullied like Hannah, Ashley thought the best defence was fitting in more and he's done so.  He's happier with more friends and a better social life.  So of course he's the one who's abilities just mess up all the time.  If he hasn't bothered trying to control his gifts then they're just going to go haywire on him.  So he's always alert, paranoid, and worrying to point where his nails must be chewed off.  He's absolutely worried sick of being found out and killed.  Naturally he's freaking out all the time when Hannah moves to town and gets to know Connor more.  They're only going to cause trouble for him. 

And those are my new playthings. :) I'm looking forward to writing their story. 


  1. Awesome, I always love these snippets into the writing process. The characters sound diverse and like they would disagree a lot, which always makes for an interesting group. Good luck with JuNo!

  2. Playthings indeed :P

    They sound like a great bunch! And poor Ashley sounds like he's in for a really tough time. Have fun writing their story!

  3. They sound fun! Do you always write blurbs like this before you start writing with new characters? It took me a while to get to know the characters I'm currently working with, and now that I think about it, I didn't "sketch" them like this before I dove into drafting.

    Oh, and good luck with JuNo! I'm doing a June revision marathon, so we can probably motivate each other. :)

    The Feather and the Rose: A bizarre adaptation inspires a movie review.

  4. Mwahaha poor Ashley indeed. >:)

    Thanks Susan. :) Blurbs usually do help me in getting to know the characters. Summing up usually helps me get the best idea of who they are and going to be. Then I can go into detail in my notes. Good luck in your revision marathon! I'll be cheering you on!

  5. These are great character summaries, Robin. Some people like to use a Q&A format to get to know their characters--either have their character complete a list of questions (such as are often e-mailed around between friends and family), or in the form of an interview, as if they're on a talk show. Have you ever done something like that?

  6. I actually have. With Hannah and Connor. It was really helpful because I got a good idea of their personalities together and how strong they're friendship becomes. I got to know their voice better. So handy. I'll need to do ones for Tess and Ashley at some point. I need to know them a little bit better.