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2 May 2012

RTW - YA Buddies

Road Trip Wednesday is a "Blog Carnival," where YA Highway's contributors post a weekly writing- or reading-related question and answer it on our own blogs. You can hop from destination to destination and get everybody's unique take on the topic.

This Week's Topic:
What IRL people can you talk to about YA?

I've got quite a few friends who write in real life but not many are into YA or don't talk about it.  I usually talk about YA with my boyfriend who doesn't write YA but he'll sit and listen to my ramblings and vice versa.  He talks crime and sci-fi.  I talk teenagers and sometimes he'll read my recommendations.  I got him reading The Hunger Games which he enjoyed and even went to see the film with me. 
My friend Lizzie who I met on a fandom years ago is another person who happily listens to my ramblings.  We'll meet up for a coffee or a pub lunch now and again and just talk about our WiPs.  We'll go through ideas, talk about plans or issues we're having.  We'll spend an hour or so in Waterstones looking at YA fiction and pointing out ones that look interesting or give any recommendations. 
But that's it really.  The people I talk to most about YA are the people I blog with.  Who I share RTW with and participate in Absolute Write discussions with.  IRL I've usually been the only one who has stuck with YA, especially in university.  But it was actually quite cool having a lot of friends who write and all of us having and developing our own comfort zones.  Sci-fi, fantasy, contemporary, YA, horror, crime, poetry etc.  All of us were different in our writing and I really didn't mind that. 
Do you talk to anyone in real life about YA? What about other genres? Can you talk horror or sci-fi with anyone IRL?


  1. That's awesome that you have a IRL writer friend you can meet up with and talk shop! I love my online CPs and Betas, but I really do crave the personal interaction of having a local CP :)

  2. My best friend is the only person who's willing to put up with my browsing, but we're 3000 miles apart so most of the time my YA thoughts stay online.

  3. I don't talk to others about my YA writing. But I do talk to others about other YA books. (Hunger Games, for example) :)

  4. Sounds like you've got some strong real-life support there...add in online links and you're set.

  5. I am with you on Absolute Write and YA Highway etc. In real life I also talk to my boyfriend who patiently listens even though it is not his genre! Otherwise I share reading tips with my mother and brother but not really many more people.