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9 May 2012

RTW: Motivation and spider killers

Road Trip Wednesday is a "Blog Carnival," where YA Highway's contributors post a weekly writing- or reading-related question and answer it on our own blogs. You can hop from destination to destination and get everybody's unique take on the topic.

This Week's Topic:
What's your favourite use for a book besides reading it?
I don't have any other uses for books except reading.  I probably couldn't use it for a doorstop or to hide money in it.  I'd worry about it getting damaged and worry that my money wouldn't be safe in it.  The only non-reading thing I do with books is sort of use them as motivational posters.  Whenever I write I either pick my favourite books by my favourite authors or books that are a similar genre to what I'm writing.  I prop them up on my desk or out in front of me if I'm writing somewhere else and keep them near me to look out.  Looking at my favourite books or similar genres helps me keep the excitement and determination of selling a book. 
It probably doesn't count but I did use a university textbook once to kill a huge spider.  I ended up with housemates who also had a terrible fear of them and it took all three of us to kill it.  One dropped a large pizza box on it, I dropped the textbook on top of the pizza box for extra weight and the other then jumped up and down on the battered box. 
We had to make sure it was dead.  That thing was a mutant and we couldn't let it get away alive. 
Join in on today's Road Trip Wednesday! What are your other uses for books?


  1. I thank you kindly for not posting images of said DEMON spider.

  2. One of my house mates in my second year at university was a law student. Some of his textbooks were mighty tomes indeed. I doubt many spiders would have survived under their weight. And that would probably be a good use for law textbooks since they go out of date so quickly. He spent hundreds of pounds on new textbooks every year.

    We get some pretty big spiders out here in Eastern North Carolina. It's interesting that the poisonous spiders (black widows, brown recluses) are actually quite small; the scary-looking big hairy spiders are just scary-looking--they're really quite harmless.

  3. Hahahaha I had to crack up at your spider´s story, I can totally relate! And I could definitely use some my hubby´s book to attempt to kill a spider. My last attempt though had me almost jumping off the chair I had climbed on. A tad dangerous :D

  4. I keep lots of books around my desk, too. I usually use shoes for spiders. :)

  5. Oh no, no spider pictures are ever making their way on here! I can't even stomach a photo of them!

    Colin, I've never seen spiders so big anywhere else! I don't know what was up with Horsforth but we got some huge ones. It's never been a problem elsewhere.

    Elodie, I have tons of spider stories haha. Like I said, they were huge at Horsforth and we got loads in that house. So there was quite a lot of screaming, crying, and using big heavy things to squash them all.

    Laurie, I wish I could just get a shoe and slam it down on them. But I'm so afraid of them that I have to use something that allows me to stay at a distance. I also worry that I'll miss and they'll get away.

  6. Although outdated magazines are my favorite spider-killing tool (our spiders always seem to be crawling up a vertical surface rather than walking across the floor), I love the idea of keeping a similar book in view when writing. I often will flip through favorite books that are in the same genre as what I'm currently working on, but keeping it in sight while writing could definitely be a good motivator.

  7. I know your worry of damaging them. I always worry about that, when I moved I was oh so careful with them. Everyone said 'they're just books' and I looked at them horrified.

    Glad that spider was taken care of. You had some serious team work going.