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23 May 2012

RTW - Choose your path...

Road Trip Wednesday is a ‘Blog Carnival,’ where YA Highway's contributors post a weekly writing- or reading-related question that begs to be answered. In the comments, you can hop from destination to destination and get everybody's unique take on the topic.

This Week's Topic:
INSURGENT theme! What faction are you?

I've only just started reading Divergent but I've got a general idea of the different factions and what they represent in a person.  I knew from the start which faction I'd probably fit into best, although their actions suggest they're not the nicest at the moment!
ABNEGATION: Definitely couldn't be in this one.  I'm not selfless all the time.  There are times when I will want to just think of myself and put my own priorities first.  I like fashion and I like to spend some time making sure I look decent with a little bit of make-up on.  Abnegation just sound a little too cult-like for me.  It wouldn't be a faction I could easily fit into. 
CANDOR: Another one I've definitely ruled out.  While I admire honesty in a person I couldn't be as frank as the Candor are supposed to be.  I'll happily tell a white lie and so couldn't be honest all the time.  There are times when you have distort the truth to keep a person happy.  Like, for example, telling my grandma 'Oh no, I didn't go on any huge rollercoasters!' when I totally did.  She'd have a heart attack if she knew I was into the adrenaline rides at fairs and theme parks.
AMITY: I'm not the type to seek confrontation and try to avoid it at all costs.  I just don't like it.  I'm quite a quiet person IRL.  But there are times when you have to be ready to argue and fight just to defend yourself.  I live in a pretty rough area of Leeds so if I was ever confronted for a fight I'd have to be ready to fight back because there is no way in hell I'd let myself stand there and get my arse kicked.  Some people you just can't talk to. 
ERUDITE: Now I feel bad because from what I've read so far about this faction they're being right arseholes to Abnegation.  Despite that they fit my personality the most.  I've always been the studious learner, constantly surrounded by books.  I'm on the path to teaching so my future career also fits in with them.  I'm a huge believer of knowledge is power.  I wouldn't become one of the Erudites who are out to get Abnegation but I do wonder... if they're the faction who research and find information out maybe there is something going on with Tris' old faction.  I notice the character is determined to see the good in her faction but I'm curious to know if there's something dodgy going on.  We already have Dauntless and Erudite who sound like they've been corrupted over the years and completely different from the way they used to behave and what they believed in.  Maybe it's been happening to Abnegation.
DAUNTLESS: I know I said previously that I'm the type to be going on all the adrenaline rides.  I'm usually the one trying to get everyone else to go on these rides with me.  And I'm also the kind of person who's ready to stand up for myself.  But if I still fought it doesn't mean I'd be any good.  I'm a terrible fighter.  I just wave my hands around and hope that it hits the person in the face at some point.  Doesn't matter if I get really angry with someone and wish to punch their lights out.  I bet my punch would feel like a poke.  The facebook quiz said I'd fit into Dauntless but I really disagree.  I couldn't go through all the training the initiates go through.  I couldn't go through all that pain - I am an absolutely wuss when it comes to pain - and couldn't do daredevil things like jump off a train.  I don't see myself as a brave, tough person so I'm going to rule that faction out.  It's not for me. 
Right, Erudite... let's see this library of yours!


  1. Only just started DIVERGENT? Well, that confession took a lot of courage, so you're more Dauntless than you think, Robin! ;) Seriously, though, you're probably a bit of all the above. Most writers are Erudite, I think, since we research, and spend time thinking about hypothetical situations, asking "what-if" questions, maybe reflecting on deep philosophical issues. But we have to be Dauntless to pursue writing and getting published. There's a lot of Amity and Abnegation in the writing community, and even if we don't always show Candor to one another, it comes out in our work, I'm sure.

  2. I'd have a mix of a few different factions, but mostly strongly Erudite. I love learning way too much. :) I wish I was brave enough to be Dauntless, but I hear they don't allow total chickens into their faction.

  3. You shouldn't feel bad about leaning towards erudite - I think one of Roth's main points is that all factions distort their original path. Seeking knowledge in itself is a good thing but it depends how far you go and what you do with it! I apparently tend to be dauntless and while being courageous is a good thing seeing violence as the solution to any issue isn't. So really it just depends on how you apply the faction principles :)

  4. A little bit Candor too for being honest and confessing that I've only just started reading it! =P Downside to living in the UK. We have to wait just a little bit longer for these books. Praise kindle for some available early!

    Insurgent is definitely next on my list. I'm thoroughly enjoying this book.