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6 May 2012

ROW80 Check-in 5th May

A week's gone after signing up for ROW80.  On my of goals was to complete the next round of editing for Beast Inside.  I'm aiming for the end of May to complete the 2nd draft so I can concentrate on my JuNo project next month. 

So far I've finished chapter three and currently halfway into chapter four.  I'm quite close to the attack scene which finishes off the chapter so I think I'm quite close to the end there.  The aim is to reach chapter five by next Sunday.  Fingers crossed and procrastination ignored!

I'm also hoping to start the planning for my JuNo WiP.  Playlist is up and ready on my iTunes and I've got the old character profiles I made from when I first came up with the story plot. 

Roll on next Sunday!


  1. I'm glad you joined ROW80 ;)
    It sounds like you're doing well!
    I'm also thinking and planning about the JuNo wip ... let's see where that takes me ...
    See you around the web!

  2. Thanks for pointing it out to me. It's been a great for motivation so far. :_

  3. You're doing JuNoWriMo?! That's super gutsy, but that is one of the best times of the year to do it. And to be honest I hadn't thought about it, but that would be a great time for me to finish what I've been working on if I can get the right momentum ahead of me. Thanks for the idea, you might have some company. :D

    Glad to have you ROWing along with us. Keep up the great work. :D

  4. I'm hoping this time around I won't be so exhausted. When I did NaNo last year I'd just started my job as a TA so by the 30th I was ready to sleep for a week!

    But I'm still glad I went for it. And I'm hoping June will help me gain the same achievement. I'd definitely recommend signing up for a go. :)