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8 May 2012

The road to... teaching???

Tuesday's prompt for Blog Me MAYbe suggests telling people something about yourself.  Well, we've recently had a short break from work at the mo.  The school was closed on Thursday for voting because it's used as the local polling station.  Friday was a training day so staff were in but the children weren't.  And then there was the May Day bank holiday.  So three working days off work plus Saturday and Sunday.  A nice little rest in the middle of a long term. 

So back to work I go now and we've just found out Ofsted are coming in tomorrow and Thursday to monitor us and see whether we're a good school or totally shite.  I'm standing there in front of the head teacher and both our eyes are wide and we have a cringe on our faces.  Ofsted? NOOOOOOOOOOOO! is what's going through both our heads at the moment and also what's going through the minds of every other teacher and teaching assistant in the school.  We're walking around whispering 'have you heard? Ofsted are coming!' We all look like we're about to be sick.

And I'm part of it.  I've been thinking and I've realised I'm truly part of this experience.  An experience I never actually thought I'd go through.  Because four years ago when I was finishing Sixth Form and getting ready to move away and start university I was picturing myself as an active, busy journalist.  I was dressed in smart suits, travelling, meeting new people, and working specifically for The Yorkshire Evening Post.  I liked to write and thought journalism would be a perfect addition to a writing career.  I wrote reviews for my university newspaper.  I was constantly burying my nose in newspapers and the Leeds Guide to get media savvy.

It never happened.  Being an English student the best placements in my second year went to actual journalism students.  I got landed at a local Yorkshire newspaper where my degree didn't actually give them the best impression of me.  They wouldn't let me do anything except follow people about and observe what they were doing while some of my friends who were journalism students were doing articles and photoshoots.  They were meeting people and interviewing them.  I know I was an English student but I knew I was perfectly capable of doing articles, even if they were small. 

My other placement allowed me to get into journalism mode.  I wrote reviews of shows I got free passes to and I also conducted my first ever interview with a professional dancer, Erin Boag.  I absolutely loved it but by the time I had finished that placement I couldn't stop thinking about what I saw in my first one.  People sitting on their arses all day, occasionally answering the phone, and stuck in front of the computer screen.  The hours were chaotic and sometimes journalists were just messing around, laughing at things they had found on youtube. 

I sat there and knew that sitting in an office most of the time wasn't my kind of thing.  I liked to be on my feet, moving around and staying busy all the time.  I stopped looking at postgraduate journalism courses and after graduation I had no idea what I could with my degree.  Luckily I remembered how much I had enjoyed my high school placement at a primary school and thought 'what the hell' got for a teaching assistant job.  I applied for a few who never got back in touch with me but one school invited me for an interview.  I've been working with them for seven months now and I'm hoping to be there again next year.

In those seven months I have never been so in love with a job before.  I'm working in reception with a challenging but hilarious class who are so creative and smart.  They have their evil moments but I love going in and talking with the class teacher what we'll be doing during the day.  Slowly I've come up with my own activities that the class teacher's fine with me doing and it's lovely to see the children get so into it and see what the outcomes of their work are.  It's the most tiring, demanding job ever but I absolutely adore it. 

Sixteen year old me wanted to be a journalist.  The twenty two year old me is getting ready to start applying for PGCEs that I want to start in September 2013, depending on whether I get accepted or not.  The twenty two year old me also wonders what the hell I was thinking about journalism and has found her dream job in teaching at primary school level. 

How different have your dreams turned out? Are you in the job you've always wanted to do? What about your characters? What are their dreams and do you think they'll get there or could life turn out differently?


  1. Things have gone very differently from how I planned my life at age 16, and even age 18. But things have been a lot more interesting than I ever imagined they might be... so I'm not complaining. :) As for doing my dream job? I don't think I am... yet... :)

  2. Six yo me wanted to be a dancer.
    Eight yo me wanted to be an architect.
    Ten yo me wanted to be a doctor.
    Twelve yo me wanted to be a journalist (because I I wanted to write).
    Seventeen yo me started architecture school.
    Twenty yo me started Graphic Design school.
    Twenty-three yo me graduated from GD school.
    Twenty-eight yo is now a full time writer.

    Ha, I remember changing my mind every couple of days LOL

    I'm glad you're happy with where you are now!

  3. Colin, I'm sure your dream job is right around the corner. :) We'll all get there someday. It's a slow path but it'll be worth it in the end when we've finally achieved it.

    Juliana, I've changed my mind so much too. When I was five I wanted to work in a fish and chip shop. I was so ambitious haha! I considered being a palaeontologist or an archaelogist for a few years too. Mostly because I was obsessed with Jurassic Park and Indiana Jones when I was younger. :D

  4. This is so funny for me because I am currently in the middle of my Journalism degree :D But I don't think I will be a 'pure' journalist. I will probably go into media but more the production than the writing side. Because right now I have to write so many film reviews, advertising ads, etc. that it is putting me off doing my own writing! So I think a career where writing is not my job is better. That way writing my own stuff will be a nice break.
    Congrats by the way on finding your dream job!