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18 May 2012

Random Fridays

This week Season 7 of Supernatural comes to an end.  I was introduced to the show two years ago and fell in love with it from the start.  Sadly, the recent series aren't as good as the early seasons but I've kept watching.  The show has had some amazing creepy moments that has truly freaked me out, especially if it's involved clowns but the best part about the show is the comedy.  It blends drama and comedy well. 

So to say a goodbye to Supernatural for now here are my top five comedy moments:

1) Yellow Fever: Dean's Scream
In this episode Dean is infected by a ghost who died a horrible death.  It targets people who are seen as jerks (which Dean can be at times) and infects them, making them experience some aspects of his own death as well as making them absolutely terrified of everything until they start hallucinating and die of fright.  This is one of my favourite scenes of the episode:

2) Yellow Fever: Eye of the Tiger dance
This is actually an extra during the credits at the end of the episode.  In Yellow Fever Dean has left the apartment to be in his car because their room is just too high up.  Sam catches him briefly drumming to Eye of the Tiger and this little bonus clip shows Jensen Ackles taking the song further and performing a very entertaining dance:

3) Mystery Spot: Groundhog day for Sam, many deaths for Dean
In Mystery Spot the Trickster is up to his trolling tricks and sends Sam into Groundhog Day where he witnesses Dean dying many times.  Poor Dean is electrocuted, hit by a car, chokes, crushed by a piano while Sam is growing increasingly fed up:

4) Free to Be You and Me: Personal Space
When Sam goes off on his own Dean teams up with the angel Castiel to find the Archangel Raphael.  When the brothers are on hunts they usually use fake IDs, usually FBI to get information and access to the crime sights they're checking out.  From the beginning Castiel has been my favourite character, starting out as a no-nonsense angel with a gruff voice and poker face.  He has his angel duties and nothing will get in the way.  But slowly he starts to question his duties and God overall, becoming a close friend to Sam and Dean and we also start to see how unintentionally funny Castiel can be.  As he stays more on Earth he shows just how socially inept he can be and how much he doesn't get humanity and being human:

5) The French Mistake: Sam and Dean try to act
One of the things the writers behind Supernatural love doing is acting all meta and poking fun at their own TV show.  The French Mistake sees Balthazar sending Sam and Dean into the "real world" where they are actors called Jared and Jensen and currently filming a show called Supernatural.  Misha Collins (Castiel) plays an exaggerated version of himself: an actor who is addicted to twitter.  This is my favourite scene where Sam and Dean attempt to act like themselves in the show. 


  1. I haven't seen this show, but I've heard some great things about it. Might have to check it out after seeing these clips.
    Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Supernatural used to be *so* good. Its decline depresses me. But you did pick some of its best funny moments there :)

  3. I haven't seen it either--don't really watch TV--but these clips were very funny!

  4. Supernatural is great to watch. I'd recommend the early seasons more so then the later ones. Once the writer Eric Kripke handed over the power to someone else it wasn't the same.

    Cole, I know. :( This season has been particularly bad. The Levi's have barely been in the spotlight and I've had no idea where the plot has been going until now. Also, the Impala... I want it back!