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11 May 2012

Random Fridays

To end the week of working and chores and writing I found these hilarious beauties on youtube for you.  Last week I went for a Star Wars theme and this week I was introduced to this legendary guy on Britain's Got Talent.  It was a sign telling me that the geeky Friday theme HAD to be Doctor Who. 

Without further ado... the man who shows that there is nothing more British than Doctor Who:

And this video was made by the DW team to bid farewell to David Tennant's Doctor and also Russell T Davies as the producer.  This is going out in style.

And in song.


  1. COME BACK DAVID TENNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Aw, I like Matt Smith. He's this impulsive, curious man-child. I think he does well in the role. :) I'm just disappointed with Moffat as the producer. He was an excellent writer when RTD was in charge and made the best episodes. But as the Big Cheese he isn't showing his best work. He's not so great with the arcs. :(

  3. You made my day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I must go home and watch a marathon of The Doctah. LOL. David is the BEST. Matt Smith is good too.

  4. David Tennant did a wonderful job. :) I've loved all three of the new Doctor Whos so far. They've all brought their own uniqueness to the role. I always look forward to the next Doctor because it's such an important and interesting part of his character. What will he look like next and what kind of person will he be? :)