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7 May 2012

Next on the supernatural list...

Monday's prompt for Blog Me MAYbe involves talking about writing so with JuNo coming up I'd like to introduce you to the WiP I've started planning.  Like Beast Inside it's another project I started a few years ago but stopped.  I procrastinated, some characters weren't working, plot wasn't flowing right.  I put it to one side and just concentrated on the vamps. 

The working title's Inside the Broom Closet.  I started creating this WiP when I was sixteen.  For a few years before planning and writing this WiP I'd been reading tons of books on witchcraft and paganism and practiced a little myself.  But I've never been a religious person so I never committed to anything.  I just dabbled to see what it was like and get to know more about living like a Pagan.  Unfortunately me and my friends got caught reading a book on it at school and we were sent to counselling.  Our Head of Year was absolutely livid and threatened to expel us if we continued reading about it.  The counsellor made us rip up the books we had and I had to shred up my notes I'd made for the project.  They were absolutely furious with us. 

The idea evolved from a high school banning their pupils to a government banning it completely.  What if no-one got over their fear of witchcraft during the Burning Times? If it really did become an illegal religion and practice all the way to the 21st Century. Witches would be forced to hide who they are or they'll be burnt at the stake even if they haven't done anything.  What about people who want to take the law into their own hand?

It wouldn't just affect witches.  What about those from other religions or atheists who are completely indifferent? Forced to bide by the rules and turn their backs on witches, even when they could be their friend, parent, sibling, girlfriend or boyfriend etc? They would have to stand there, letting people get burned or they'll be killed as well. 

And here comes two teenagers who are getting a little fed up with all this crap.  There are three of them in the circle but it's really Hannah and Connor who are the most vocal.  They're desperate to rebel but could they actually do something about it? Well, things will get in the way and rebellion isn't the heroic, smart way of making a stand.  People die as a result and fear leads to betrayal. 

So far the planning has just been playlists and pinterest boards.  This week I'll start getting the character notes down properly and start the plotting.  So looking forward to June!

Is there a new WiP you're excited about starting? :)  


  1. Wow this sounds awesome! I did a WiP about Witches for my NaNo project last year, and I loved it. Would love to see how you develop this idea. Good luck with Junowrimo :)

  2. Thank you! I really enjoyed NaNo last year so I can't wait to do it again for June. It's a great challenge to do. :)

  3. ...I can't even with your school's reaction. Seriously. FAIL. But at least it inspired you to write what sounds like a totally awesome story!

  4. I know. Such an OTT reaction. But in hindsight I must thank them for inspiring a WiP. Bet they won't be happy to see this novel was the result of the counselling session! =P

  5. Wow, that sounds like a great JuNo project - I'm doing JuNo too, and it's the first time I've tried to write a novel in a month - totally bricking it!

    Oh, and your school sounds harsh. My RE teacher was a pagan and the head of music was a wiccan (they ended up getting married) so they couldn't tell us off if we did that!
    Look forward to seeing what you come up with x

  6. Wow, that sounds GREAT! Lots of conflict, lots of fundamental questions about accepting differences in general...My paranormal WiP, the one I am currently finishing up has witchcraft in it including time travel to 16th century France :D

  7. Amy, you'll love it. It's a challenge but so worth it in the end if you get to the target. Last year's NaNo was the first time I'd joined a challenge like that and I'm so glad I went for it. Good luck on your JuNo project!

    Thanks Elodie! I'm glad the premise has got people interested. It's a WiP I've always been up and down on in regards to whether I should write it or not.