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26 May 2012

News to Novels #18

The first article I found gave me the idea for this week's theme.  In YA there's always going to be a book about teenage pregnancy.  I think it's something teenagers should be able to read about - to learn what can happen and see the consequences and experience for different characters in different situations. 

The teenagers who have had EIGHT abortions: Shocking figures show girls use 'traumatic' procedure as a form of contraception
Thousands of teenagers are having repeat abortions, with some undergoing at least eight terminations.  Latest figures suggest many girls are using the procedure as a form of contraception, with pro-life campaigners claiming they are being ‘let down in an appalling way’.  For one in seven teenagers who had an abortion in 2010, it was not their first.

'They thought I was nuts': Meet the high school student who faked her own pregnancy - for a social experiment
Most students are happy to choose a conventional topic for their senior year project.  But aspiring social worker Gaby Rodriguez was determined to do something a little more challenging for hers, even if it meant lying to her whole school.  So the 17-year-old student from Washington State faked her own pregnancy, spending months wearing a fake belly to convince her friends - and gather their reactions.

Teenage girl left to bring up four siblings alone after losing parents
A teenage girl is to raise her four brothers and sisters after they were orphaned, losing both parents within just four months.  Mother, Denise aged 35 died days after giving birth in March followed by their dad, Alex, 41, who died last week from an infection which spread from a cut in his arm.  The couple, who lived in Heywood had four children - David, 14, Sean, 11, Sarah, 2, and baby Liam - while Rachel Thorp, 19, and her brother Daniel, 20, are Alex's children from a previous marriage.

'I'm pregnant': Teenage 'rape victim' forced to stand before congregation and confess HER 'sin' while 'attacker' watched
Tina Anderson was only 15-years-old when she was forced to stand in front of her entire church to confess her ‘sin’ – that she had become pregnant.  What she was not allowed to tell the congregation was that the pregnancy was allegedly the result of being raped by a church deacon, who was sat in the church.  She claimed the pastor of her New Hampshire church told her she was lucky not to have been born during Old Testament times when she would have been stoned to death.

Mayor denies pregnancy 'pact' in Massachusetts school where 17 teenagers are expecting
The mayor of a Massachusetts city that drew attention for a spike in teenage pregnancies denied on Monday a media report that a group of girls entered a pact to become pregnant.  "I am not able to confirm the existence of a pact," Gloucester Mayor Carolyn Kirk told reporters after meeting with local school and health officials to discuss a June 18 Time magazine report about teenagers who entered a pact to get pregnant and raise babies together.  "Any planned blood-oath bond to become pregnant, there is absolutely no evidence of," she added, blaming a rise in pregnancies on a lack of health education funding and the media's "glamorization of pregnancy."


  1. That second to last story is awful. The poor girl!

    I watched a documentary based on the last story a few years ago, and I think all the girls came out and said they never made a pact.

  2. That's a relief at least. It seems a bit creepy for young girls to get together and vow to purposely get knocked up. For fiction they could make interesting characters. Why is it so vital for them to get pregant so young? What's the reason behind it all?

  3. This is a really timely post! I think there could/should be some great novels exploring these themes. I don't know if I could ever write, one, but one day maybe. The most interesting one I've read recently is Megan McCafferty's Bumped.

  4. Whatever research or topics inspire you and light your passions are very valuable things. Whenever that muse starts talking -- listen!

  5. These topics are interesting. The second to last story is terrible though. Poor girl! I saw a movie once about the supposed pregnancy pact, and I thought it was really strange. Hope these gave you inspiration!

    My Blog.

  6. Real life stories definitely can be a source of inspiration, especially with dramatic newsworthy stories like that. I would love to see more books where teens especially find hope and help through books that address issues like those.