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13 May 2012

News to Novels #16

Unmasked: The 'real-life superheroes' patrolling the nation's streets (but they've not thrown a punch in five years)
Clad in black leather and metal spikes, and hidden beneath haunting masks, these are the real-life superheroes daring to fight crime across the nation's streets.  While they might seem like characters from a comic book, the masked men prowl through the country's cities, including Boston, San Fransisco and Milwaukee, to save their fellow citizens.  After donning their masks, which resemble clowns, hawks, skulls or ninjas, they group together and patrol streets on foot throughout the night.

Now 'superheroes' step in to help protect prostitutes from the Craigslist killer
Self-styled superheroes have offered their help in fighting the serial killer thought to be behind the murders of over a dozen prostitutes in New York City.  The New York Initiative (NYI) - a group of vigilantes who model themselves on comic book superheroes - have posted an advert on classified ads website Craigslist offering 'rescue teams' for hookers whose clients' turn violent.

Meet 'Nyx': The 21-year-old 'Superhero' accountant who dons a black catsuit at night to patrol the streets and help the homeless
By day Irene Thomas says she is a 'boring' accountant who lives in a cramped New Jersey flat.  By night she puts on a black catsuit and mask with a red belt, gloves and boots, gets into her Honda Accord car and comes out the other side of the Lincoln Tunnel in Manhattan as ‘Nyx’.  The 21-year-old is just one member of the Real Life Superhero Project, a group of humans who aim to bring a helping hand to people everywhere and thwart crime on city streets.

Meet the not-so dynamic duo: Dark Spartan and Black Void patrol the streets of Torquay... but haven't found trouble in months.
The mild-mannered financial advisor and comic book shop worker who suffers from irritable bowel syndrome are the UK's latest unlikely superheroes.  Police report no dent in crime statistics since duo took to the streets.


  1. ^_^ What awesome stories. Ta!

  2. No problemo. :) Thought they'd be good for some quirky character inspiration.