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1 May 2012

I'm Robin and I Write Horror...

Blog Me MAYbe starts today and for the whole month I have a schedule to help me blog more and give me ideas.  I don't have to do every single day and Tuesday was a day I probably wasn't going to write much on.  The helpful topic for Tuesday is May I Tell You Something About Myself? Well, I've been struggling to find a topic; one that isn't just me listing facts or a random post about my personality or something.  So I'll try and merge this into writing. 

May I tell you how I came to write horror?

I've dabbled in other genres before.  I have notes on projects for contemporary, fantasy, supernatural, etc.  But my main genre has always been horror.  That's who I want to be as a writer.  I haven't always wanted to be a writer but I've always written.  That has never changed.  Since I was little I would write stories with my cousin.  My infamous one that my family never cease to remind me about involved three little dolls called Molly, Polly, and Dolly.

Oy. *Hangs head in shame* Molly, Polly, and Dolly.   Seriously, what was I thinking?

I remember when I was five there used to be a programme on television in the mornings.  It was called The Little Vampire and it was a dubbed German show.  I remember watching it and being fascinated with these young vampires.  Then when I was about nine or ten I got my hands on Goosebumps.  My older cousin was reading them at the time and I loved them immediately.  During those years of reading Goosebumps Molly, Polly, and Dolly slowly disappeared and I started writing Goosebumps-esque stories.  They were a mix between Stine's series and another series I loved reading called Spooksville.

Looking back Spooksville and Buffy the Vampire Slayer were the things that got me writing about close knit friends dealing with abnormal threats.  I liked the idea of a small group of friends sticking by each other and going through supernatural experiences. High School saw me practically glued to notebooks writing story after story about these young teenagers growing up together and dealing with supernatural threats.  They were terrible with OTT drama and cringe worthy relationship woes in the background.  The stories are gone and torn up but I never forgot about the characters.  They've cropped up in different projects.

Spooksville wouldn't scare a teenager but Buffy had some creepy moments.  Anyone remember The Gentleman in series four? And when I started getting into Supernatural I was pretty creeped out by some episodes.  I'd watch these scary things and think about how much I wanted to achieve this level of horror as well.  I wanted the close knit group of Buffy and the gang from Spooksville.  And the dark folklore use of Supernatural.  Over the years these have all become my main inspirations and led me to that love of writing horror.

And that's me as a writer.  A little bit twisted and ready to scar my characters.

I'm really a sweet, normal person in real life. :D


  1. Very interesting way to find your genre :D And I´m sure you could use those dolls now too but in a different way! :D
    Buffy did have major creepy moments - loved that show! Thanks for sharing, Robin!

  2. You've chosen an awesome genre :D

    I remember The Little Vampire too! And Buffy will always be awesome. The Gentlemen were seriously freaky. It's probably my favourite episode.

  3. Yes, The Gentlemen were sooo creepy! We actually studied that episode in my Mythology/Folklore class in college--it was awesome. And Caleb, the priest guy, really got under my skin, too.

    I <3 Buffy.

  4. We read the Goosebumps books in primary school, then the Point Horror books in secondary school - we were a bit late to the whole PH obsession (born in the early 90s), but the gore and scary stuff was still totally cool. I haven't read much horror recently, but I'm sure I will when you get published ;)