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3 May 2012

Hero Idol

Blog Me MAYbe continues and Thursday's encourages you to talk about someone else.  Invite someone for a guest post, talk about your favourite author, idol, someone important in your life etc.  I want to tell you about my hero idol.  A fictional character who has inspired me when creating characters for any horror and fantasy projects.

Xander Harris. 

The geeky, awkward teen from Buffy the Vampire Slayer who survived all seven series.  Well, one his eyes sadly didn't. 

From the first series to the last Xander was the comical buddy who was always made to feel like the loser.  Not just in high school with popularity and girls but also in the supernatural world where he just a powerless teenage boy.  As he stood in the background watching Buffy battle vampires and Willow become stronger as a witch Xander was always made to feel like he wasn't going to be the one to save people.  He was the one who needed saving.  You see this mainly in season 3 with The Zeppo.  That episode really shows how his friends view him.  They're not trying to be nasty or anything.  They just want to protect him.  But you can see it bugs him.  He doesn't want to be the human boy screaming and running around.  In the end while everyone else is off battling yet another apocalypse he's being chased by zombies who want to blow things up.  It's up to Xander to stop it from happening and he does.  Only no-one actually realises it and never does.  He keeps it to himself. 

In the first episode of season 1 he willingly follows Buffy to help.  His friends Willow and Jesse are taken by vampires and he's ready to follow her despite not knowing how to fight, especially how to fight vampires.  But once the threat is defeated he doesn't run off.  He stays with Willow and they both vow they want to stay and help Buffy. 

Lately I have been a tad fed up with special snowflake characters.  Main characters who have all these amazing powers all of a sudden and are destined to stop the end of the world and the Big Bad.  What I loved about Xander is despite being thrown into a world of demons, witchcraft and vampires he stayed fighting.  He did his best to protect his town even with his lack of fighting skills and supernatural abilities.  When Willow becomes the main villain in season 6 he's the one who is there to stop her and save the world.  Not Buffy.  In the last battle of season 7 he's there with one eye, fighting away and sticking by his friends to stop The Annual Sunnydale Apocalypse.  He slays, he protects, and he survives. 

I know when people criticised Bella Swan from Twilight Stephenie Meyer argued that her MC was going to be weak.  She was in a world filled with vampires where she would be weaker being human.  She commented not everyone could be Buffy.  Well, in a way she's right.  Not everyone is going to be Buffy.  All the female or male characters can't be kick ass supernatural protectors.  But characters can be a Xander.  The human who tries and still fights even if his skills are poor and he ends up unconscious.  He knew he probably didn't have a chance of surviving but he still stepped forward. 

And he's my hero idol.  The perfect example of an ordinary human who survived.  Xander's a character who inspires me so much and who I hope my geeky, ordinary characters can live up to.  This video I found on youtube sums his journey up completely.  So join me in spreading the Xander love! Let me know who your fictional hero is!


  1. Xander is a great character to choose :) He's the perfect antidote to, as you say, special snowflake characters.

  2. Aaaargggghhh the video is not available in Germany! But I agree with you, Xander is a wonderful character, so much personality and wit and trying to fit in and just being him :D

  3. He's a sweetie :D He's been my favourite character since I first started watching Buffy. I'm a sucker for the underdogs. :)

  4. What an awesome choice! I'm a sucker for underdogs too. :)

  5. Great post! Hail hail the underdogs!
    *New follower* :-)

    Vix @

  6. Great to see the underdog love! :) And thanks Viktoria!

  7. Aw I love Xander, he is awesome. I always liked how no matter how impossible the situation seemed he always stood up for his friends and never gave up!

  8. His bravery was outstanding. I've always seen him as the strongest character. For a human he was ready to face threat after threat for the people he loved.