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14 May 2012

The difference a draft makes....

To your confidence, that nervous break down you've been having over your potential as a writer, and to that little devil of an inner editor/Simon Cowell.

I've been working on draft two of Beast Inside for a few months now.  After zooming through November to get it done I've been taking this one slowly, making notes and breaking it all down chapter by chapter.

Writing the second draft is making me feel so much better.  It's still not perfect but compared to the first draft it's an improvement.  I've been editing it chapter by chapter, going through the first draft.  I highlight, scribble down notes in colourful gel pens, and cross out paragraphs and sentences that won't make the next round.  Then I write about two pages of notes, writing down what I want from this chapter.  Character introductions, setting up relationships and the setting around them etc.   

I think I'm getting the characters a lot better too although that's for a CP and betas to decide.  Knowing more about their personalities better and the way they interact with other characters.  Originally I wanted the ancester Gideon to be more animal-like.  Never talking and always referred to as it.  Total opposite in the second draft.  He talks.  Not much but he talks.  I think it works better for him.  I really wanted him and other vampires to be more like Barlow in the first Salem's Lot adaptation.  No talking.  Just a lot of growling, snarling and grunting.  I think I like the troll potential they have with a voice now.  A lot of teasing and tormenting.

For the third round of editing I'll really have to work on the atmosphere and tension.  It's still not right so that's sometime to focus on next time around.

Inner editor/Cowell is a bit happier now.


  1. Editing is a great way to remind yourself that you can write and you do know how to pull off a great plot.

    It's also a great excuse to go stationery shopping ;)

  2. Stationery shopping done ;) I bought a new set of colourful gel pens the other day. I need my colours for editing and planning. :D

    I would buy a new notebook but I should really use the six other ones I've got lying around first. I'm trying to resist the papery goodness of WH Smiths and Paperchase every time I go into town.

  3. Revisions can be daunting, but they are *very* rewarding as well. Multiple revisions are necessary to producing good work, so I guess it makes sense that I never had real confidence in my abilities as a writer until I finished a couple solid revisions of a draft. :) Keep at it!