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31 May 2012

Author Idol

Today is the last day of Blog Me MAYbe.  It's been great fun and really helpful in thinking of posts.  I might actually take some of these prompts away and come up with a proper schedule.  I was thinking mixing the Monday and Thursday writing prompts together - discussing writing whether it's someone else's or anything from my WiPs.  So I can gush about a character from another book or do a review. 

Wednesdays will be RTW.  Fridays - News to Novels and Sundays will be a quick update on ROW80. 

For one last post on Blog Me MAYbe, I want to introduce you guys to the author who started the whole dream. 

Darren Shan.

From years 7 to 9 in High School we always had a library session in English every two weeks where classes would take it in turns to sit in the library and just read.  That would be our entire lesson.  We could either bring in a book we were already reading from home or take one from the library with the option to borrow it if we were enjoying it. 

I wasn't reading anything new at the moment so one day I was waiting to get something from the library.  I came across the fourth Saga of Darren Shan novel and started reading.  I don't think I got into it much because I went straight for number four and had no clue what had been going on previously.  So I popped it back when the class had finished and next time tried looking for the first one.

I was completely hooked. 

I loved the voice, I loved the vampires.  The Cirque days of the Saga became my favourite part because it was so quirky and freaky.  From the beginning death was a huge part of these books.  The first book was heart-wrenching when it showed a young boy giving everything up to save his friend.  And again the second when a lovable, innocent character died in a very gruesome way while another character had both his arms taken off. 

Darren Shan was bloody and brutal from the start.  And as the series went on, Darren suffered more and more, seeing more people die, becoming more involved in this war as well as worrying about his future self that was prophesied.  Shan wasn't merciful in his writing.  The nice guys met horrible ends and the main character wasn't even safe from danger and never got a break.  Real life for the MC Darren was not kind.

When I started writing, I wanted to write like Darren Shan.  He was the inspiration behind writing and still is.

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