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18 Apr 2012

RTW- Prom Night (Without the murders)

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This Week's Topic:
It's almost prom season, and since we love to read and write about teenagers, we want to hear your prom stories!

Haha, oh prom! Do I have some memories of that night.  I never went to my year 13 prom because the ticket prices were ridiculous and I wasn't coughing up money for it but I went in year 11.  It was the end of an era for high school and people were either going to stay at my school's Sixth Form or move on to another college for their A*Levels.  This was the first time friends would be moving on to different places, starting to work towards their dream future.

I went with only a couple of my friends.  My other friends deemed themselves too cool for it and went off for their own night out.  But me, J, and S wanted to go.  While I hated high school I still wanted the experience and I'm glad I went.  I had so much fun.

The night started around 7 or 8 and when I first arrived, too shy to actually take off my coat at first - I witnessed a limo pulling in with about 4 or 5 boys standing out of the roof window.  They were cheering, laughing, hugging each other.  Yeah, completely smashed.  I met with my friend J at the entrance and we walked in.  Immediately we were greeted by one of the boys in our tutor group.  He smiled, welcomed us and gave us both a huge hug.  His breath stank of alcohol.

So most people were already drunk.  But it was still hilarious.  People we didn't know or even talked to much kept coming up to give us hugs and say how much they're glad to see.  We smiled, returned the hug and kiss on the cheek and walked away laughing our arses off. 

And even the sober people came up to say hello.  That was the best part of the night.  After all the fall outs, gang wars, and relationship issues for one night everyone had forgotten about them and was each other's best friends.  No-one was nasty to each other.  We all came up to greet each other and compliment each other on our dresses and suits.  There was only one goal in mind: to forget all about the GSCE stress and have a good time.

There was a bit of drama.  Prom wouldn't be prom without it.  There was the case of people coming with their dates and swapping for another by the night was out.  People who had recently broken up with their boyfriends and girlfriends were on the hunt for just one dance so they could make-out with another person.  Why? For revenge, to show they could move on, because they had actually moved on...

One boy was so drunk he had gone from cheery to violent and had to be kicked out.  It was only nine when that happened.

One guy apparently thought that I had all the candidate numbers for the exams we were about to take.  I had to explain (failing to keep a straight face) that I wasn't in charge of them and to see a teacher.  He must have been really happy with that answer because I got a hug, kiss and was told 'I love you!' Ironically this was a guy who was so quiet and serious in class.  An intelligent straight A student who never really did anything to bring attention himself.

You guessed it.  Drunk. 

I got asked to dance with two guys which gave me a confidence boost.  One just wanted to me to stop being a wallflower and dance with him.  The other asked me for a slow dance. 

I really must have gained confidence during the night because I ended up on stage with other classmates dancing to a Grease megamix and dancing in front of a huge audience.

I got involved in a mini mosh pit when Kaiser Chiefs came on.

Some of the songs I remember them playing:
3) Grease megamix

It was a brilliant night and I'll always remember it.  So if you have a prom coming up, even with bad high school experiences the night is worth it.  If a not-so-popular wallflower like me had a good time you will too.  Hey, I was even having a polite conversation with people who were downright nasty to me at school.  It's a strange night with unpredictable events. 


  1. Good memory :)

    I think most of my classmates were drunk, too, lol.

  2. So they do proms in the UK now? We never did them back in the Stone Age, when I was at school. We had school discos every term(remember, I said it was the Stone Age!), and people would throw parties, but no prom.

    I'm glad you ended up having a good time, Robin. It is interesting how, after GCSEs and A-Levels, all hatchets are buried, water is under the bridge, and everyone is sad to see people leave they wouldn't have cared about mere weeks before. For the most part. :)

  3. I am very glad you had a good time, Robin. It is funny to see how dynamics can change when people no longer stress or feel out of their element because changes are coming up!

  4. Haha wow seems like everyone was really plastered. But at least you had a good time.