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15 Apr 2012

News to Novels #14

After last week's morbid, crime obsessed post I wanted to find happier ones and got a few character inspiring ones and happy ending articles.  The first article:
Joy after 13 years of hell
A woman who suffered the heartbreaking loss of sixteen babies has at last given birth to a healthy girl.  Maria Pridmore, 32, endured 14 miscarriages, a stillbirth, and the death of her tiny son over thirteen agonising years.  But last night the overjoyed mum cuddled seven week old Mia Shannon and said: "This is like a dream come true."
It'd be a heartbreaking story at first.  A woman suffering so many losses of the children she had or was carrying.  But at least there's a happy ending to it and a healthy girl to raise and love.  Just like she always wanted.

A former fella may be Miss Universe
A transsexual model will be allowed to compete in Miss Universe - if she legally recognised as a female event officials announced yesterday.  Jenna Talackova, 23, was selected among 65 finalists for this year's contest in Canada.  But she was then disqualified because she used to be a male, she claims.  More than 28,000 supporters responded by signing an online petition accusing bosses of discrimination and demanding her reinstatement.
What I love about this story is how much support she received as a result.  While she was being held back because of her sex change and facing discrimination at least she found that she would not be alone in a battle to achieve her dream of entering the competition. 

Girl, 17, is youngest store boss
Proud Lucie Balchin is Britain's youngest shop owner - having bought a gift store just days after turning 17.  Lucie, who has 13 GSCEs, ditched plans to study for A*Levels to take over an ailing shop.  Mum Emily chipped in to help buy it after Lucie worked 96 hours a week juggling two jobs to save up £2000.
For young people today the thought of going to university is increasingly sounding impossible, purely because of the ridiculous tuition fees that have risen.  With universities charging up to £9000 for their courses some teenagers won't be able to attend.  The cost is too much and there are no jobs at the end of the degree for students to pay off their debts.  So to see someone take an alternative route and work hard to set up her own store is so inspiring.  I think teenagers can be pressurised into attending university because they're told it will open up more prospects for them.  Well, those prospects aren't even available so I think it's just as important to show teenagers taking different paths to be a success in life.  This would be a perfect story to highlight that.

Facebook pals pay for dying groom's wedding
A terminally ill dad will celebrate his dream wedding tomorrow - after Facebook members organised his £20,000 big day free.  The ceremony was sorted in less than four weeks after cancer stricken Tom Cooper announced his aim to wed lover Tammy Dale.  The pair planned the bash to give their two little girls lasting memories of the happiest day of their lives.  But they had to invite donations on Facebook after 25 year old Tom's deteriorating health saw him give up his job as a maintenance worker.
It's sad that he won't be there to see his girls grow up.  But the important thing is that he's lived out a dream before the cancer takes him away.  A tragic tale but he's been given the chance to have this happy memory - for him, his wife, and his daughters.


  1. Great headlines, Robin :) My own WiP was inspired by a news headline I read in an airport. That's where some of the best story ideas come from!

  2. That first story is so touching, as is the final one.