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19 Apr 2012

JuNoWriMo - Are you up for the challenge?

I've only just heard about this through Juliana's blog and it had me intrigued.  A June Writing Month? Sounds interesting.  I'll admit NaNo was quite a challenge and at times I felt absolutely exhausted.  But I had literally just started a new job and I think that might not have helped me.  Despite that I came away with a first draft - a terrible draft but I was so happy to have something finished.  I look back at it and think I actually liked NaNo.  I wasn't sure whether I'd participate this year but I thought it would be good for me in getting on with another project.  The more I think about NaNo the more I remember how motivated I was and how ready I am to do it again.  So when I read about JuNoWriMo I jumped for the idea.  I'm ready to take on another challenge and I'm too impatient to wait for November. 

So what is this writing month about you ask? Here are the links for them if you're interested :)
Becca J Campbell - One of the masterminds.  The link leads to her blog post on JuNoWriMo.

I've signed up for it.  Will you?


  1. Depends... is JuNoWriMo is the same as NaNoWriMo, just held in June?

  2. Yep. Same rules apply. 30 days to write a novel of 50,000 words. Gives people another month of a challenge without having to wait a full year for the next NaNo. :)