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3 Mar 2012

News to Novels #9

Adding to the articles I usually look for as WiP inspirations I actually came across one that could inspire a futuristic setting. :)

The new American Dream: Stunning designs for the suburbs of the future
The financial crisis left large swathes of the the US derelict and decimated, leading many to question the pursuit of the American Dream.  And with the problem of widespread foreclosures embodying the issues faced by families and communities across the county, leading designers have now offered a new vision of the future.  The 14-month initiative at the the Museum of Modern Art examines new architectural possibilities for American cities and suburbs in the context of the foreclosure crisis.
Foreclosed: Rehousing the American Dream will enlist five teams of architects to envision a rethinking of housing and related infrastructures that could drive urban transformation, particularly in the suburbs, with each focused on a specific 'megaregion', a metropolitan area that lies within a corridor between two major cities.

Brother tracks down RAF hero's body 62 years after crash in Malaysian jungle
Their bodies have been lying in the dense Malaysian jungle since their RAF plane crashed during a ferocious conflict in 1950.  But now the 12 victims are to be given a full burial after a painstaking search inspired by the brother of one of the dead airmen.  Eight military personnel and four civilians were on board RAF Dakota KN630 when it plunged into the rainforest on August 25, 1950. Flight Navigator Geoffrey Carpenter, 23, was among them. 
All those years of not knowing what had happened or where they went.  It's still sad to hear of their deaths but at least their loved ones can have peace of mind and bring them home to bury.  But what if they had survived? Could it have been possible? What lives would they have lead if they had adapted to their surroundings and made it their home?

Lessons in proud history of England
A £2.7 million drive to make kids proud of England's rich past will be launched today by Michael Gove.  The Education Secretary wants more pupils to visit historical spots such as castles, monasteries and old factories.
You know what would be awesome for history lessons? Imagine time travel is finally possible and people can hop around time.  How cool would history lessons be if you could actually go back and travel to the period your studying? Of course there would be risks like changing time but that's the fun of conflict and things going wrong. :)


  1. I am so in love with that first story, you have no idea <3

    Time travelling for history lessons is soooo Bill and Ted, but I love it. If you took it seriously, it could make a really awesome story!

  2. Bill and Ted is a good inspiration =D But if I wrote that story I would make it serious and less Bill and Ted esque. Lots of issues to write about from the idea. :)

  3. That's a cool idea. I could see someone make a great MG book with that.