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30 Mar 2012

Holiday resolutions

Time to enjoy the Easter hols! Work has broken up for Easter and it's nice to have more time on my hands to get things sorted.  I can blog more, write more, read more.  Jobs and chores can get sorted out properly.  And if the weather continues to stay hot I'm hoping some trips outside in the sunshine will happen! I'm starting to get into the BBQ mood. 

I plan to keep very busy and productive otherwise I'm going to come back to work feeling like I've wasted time if I procrastinate and I can have a bad habit of doing so.  So I've made a list of things I desperately want to get sorted out in the next two weeks. 

1) Spring clean.  I want to sort out my wardrobe and some drawers; the latter I'm hoping to get rid of because they're not really used for anything in particular.  Just junk that can easily go elsewhere.  And it's time to say goodbye to a few clothes that are getting worn out or don't fit me anymore.

2) Read more.  I haven't been a fast reader lately and I hope the holidays will give me more time to read more on my TBR list and get a few more books finished for my two reading challenges.

3) Finish editing.  I just want to finish the first editing round of my WiP.  It's driving me mad that I haven't buckled down and just got on with it.  That's definitely going to get finished. 

4) Train and exercise.  This year I'm entering the Race for Life, hoping to raise money for Cancer Research.  It's a way of doing something good for charity and getting me to exercise a bit and get rid of this winter weight.  I'm running in July but I want to start early with the training.

5) Sort out documents, shower, and curtains.  I've live in this flat for almost a year and there's still a few things I haven't got round to sorting out.  There are some documents that need to be shredded or filed away and I need to get a shower fixed in to the bathroom and buy some new curtains.  The ones we have now have been shredded by our evil, devil spawn of a cat.  Now that he's stopped climbing up them I think me and the bf are safe to replace them. 

What are your monthly or holiday resolutions?


  1. One of your holiday resolutions is mine! Read more. My other is to finish my first draft. We shall see! :)

  2. Good luck with your resolutions! :) I'm sure we can do it.