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5 Mar 2012

Editing Lessons

Editing is going smoothly :) but also quite slowly.  I feel a bit guilty for not disciplining myself as much and just getting on with things.  The first chapter is all done and I'm happier with the way it moves.  Much better than the first draft I wrote which seemed clunky and had a lot of flowery prose in when I was describing settings.  I have a better idea of who my characters are too.  Yay for editing! I'm not embarrassed of chapter one anymore!

But I am learning a few things about what I've written for the first chapter:

1) Apparently I like alliteration in names.  Not only does history repeat itself in this family but even more so if you have the same letter for your first name and surname.  It means you're pretty much screwed.
2) When I go through the second editing I need to stop mentioning the vampire's skin colour.  Even I'm yelling at myself going 'yes, he's all pale and looks like death - you've mentioned it like 100 times!'
3) All the families I ever make up have a pattern when it comes to naming their children.  I need to come up with different parents. 
4) It's set in Yorkshire.  Again.  I've got a bad habit of doing that. 
5) Somebody is forgetting they're a vampire and touching a cross.  Oops.  That's gotta hurt. 


  1. I hate and love editing in equal measure. Actually, scratch that, I mainly hate editing. It is good to find the plot holes though, and to notice how your MS improves when you change something.

    I've got rid of an old woman's POV, and now my femaile main character finds the male main character's body instead.

    You like alliteration in names - I tend to name minor characters after my cousins. By accident, which is awkward when you've got an antagonist with the same name as your hyperactive eight-yr-old cousin.

    p.s. My books are set in the South West, where I'm from, although I've yet to set one in Devon. That's next on the list, though ;)

  2. Hooray for no longer being embarrassed! :D

    It's so funny what you pick up in your own work when you start editing it. You see all your habits and wonder how you didn't notice when you were actually writing the story.

  3. Amy, I actually have trouble naming characters after people I know too well. I can't help but picture them if I try haha ^^ Glad I'm not the only one with a location habit.

    Miss Cole, tell me about it. It's really interesting picking these things up. You start to see the little patterns you unconciously do when writing and figure out more about who you are as a writer.