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14 Mar 2012

Competition and bad weekends

RTW isn't up yet but here's something you might be interested in over at YA Highway.  Kirsten Hubbard is celebrating the release of her second novel Wanderlove with some loverly prizes.  There will be up to five international winners so I recommend racing over there and join in the fun!

In less interesting and not so happy news I had to skip any blogging this weekend thanks to a horrible bladder infection.  Saturday night was spent in A+E (fun!), freaking out because my gran thought it would help to tell me all about appendicitis and operations.  That's what she thought it was.  And Sunday was spent in bed, unable to move.  I'm okay though.  Got some meds for it which I'm hoping will work.  So if RTW comes up I'll definitely be taking part in that today.  If not, I'll see you at the weekend with News to Novels and another post I've been itching to write for a while. :) I haven't disappeared completely.  Just taking it easy. 

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