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3 Feb 2012

Things to look forward to...

Was it me or did January take such a long time? Phew, I'm absolutely exhausted and ready for the last week of term! I was hoping January would be busy, busy, busy.  In a way it was but not doing the jobs I hoped to get done.  Editing and lots of reading had been planned.  Instead I've juggled a cold and a horrible virus at work along with plenty of days where the class teacher was away so of course the terror children act up and cause chaos.  Those days usually ended with me collapsing on the sofa unable to move and curling up with a blanket, falling asleep before it even reaches seven.  Any spare time was done keeping on top of the cleaning so my flat doesn't resemble the local dump.  Absolutely exhausted and feeling like there has been no time to do anything!

Hopefully with a holiday I'll have a chance to rest and get some reading done faster.  Today I had the idea to do a post on the month ahead.  At the end of each month I'd write down a few things that I'm looking forward to.  Just anything.  Could be a favourite meal that I haven't had in a while to a book I've been waiting to come out.

For February I'm looking forward to...

The holidays.  Need to sleep off these million and one illnesses in my system!

A tasty meal out on Sunday. 

Reading The Hunger Games.

The Woman in Black comes out in the cinema.

Being introduced to news books to read.

Celebrating my mum's birthday.

What are you looking forward to this month?

1 comment:

  1. This is a great idea, Robin!
    Can´t wait to know what you think about The Hunger Games :D
    I am very much looking forward to:

    A romantic dinner with my hubby
    Continue editing
    The beginning of Germany´s Next Top Model :D

    Just to name a few...