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19 Feb 2012

News to Novels #7

The long-lost 'haunted' painting and strange claims that ghost of Mrs Bell vanished after the picture was put back in its rightful place
As ghosts go, she was rather a cultured specimen.  The pale Edwardian figure made frequent visits to the mansion home of Alan Smith, always accompanied by the music of Chopin, according to the startled souls who bore witness.  Her interest in the house was a mystery – until the discovery of a long-lost painting that appeared to feature the very same person, sitting at a piano.

Hope the hauntings weren't that terrible.  Imagine suffering from ghostly activity only to find that a simple picture was the key to putting a stop to everything.  It could go either way.  Pure horror or comedy.

Forget about me? Creepy new Facebook feature tells you who you should invite along when you go out
Facebook now offers 'suggested guests' to invite along for nights out and other events planned through the site.  The uninvited guests pop up in a window saying 'Suggested Guests'.  They are chosen from users' friends lists, based on whether they are likely to be interested in the night out. Facebook uses information harvested from apps such as Spotify to work out who should come along.

So social media basically keeps note of your likes and knows when to suggest you or a friend to an event? *Shudders* I'm not quite keen on the idea of social media knowing tons about you to the point where it can suggest things like ads and events.  It's like keeping track of people and stalking to find out things about you, even if they're just things like music interests or TV programmes you love watching.  Social media turns Big Brother?  Believable in a novel?

Baffled at brain boy
A tragic little boy's whole brain is shrinking - and no-one knows why.  Jason Egan, nine, has had the mystery illness from birth and has slowly been losing his abilities.

It's so tragic to hear about a nine year old suffering like this.  But how scary would it be as a teenager? You have friends, a social life, and boyfriend or girlfriend.  A future is planned - your dream career, university, marriage, children, etc and all of a sudden that's taken from you as you slowly start to lose abilities.  You can't talk... walk... use this, use that... everything you've learnt growing up is suddenly disappearing from your memory.


  1. Oh, god, that last one! I've written teens with traumatic brain injuries, and that's even beyond that. I totally want to write that book.

    The facebook thing is not that surprising, actually.

  2. I know, poor boy :( I don't think I could write about these stories. Researching alone with send me to tears every time I worked on the W.I.P

    You should write it if you'd like to. :)