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11 Feb 2012

News to Novels #6

This week I found a couple of character-inspiring articles rather than trying to find ones that could be used for stories.  One particularly stood out that made me think of the kind of characters we like to come up with for W.I.Ps.  I'll get to that post sometime in the next few days.

Alex, 26, Psychic
From her glowing tan to her false eyelashes Alex Thornhill is ever inch the glamorous Essex girl.  But what you wouldn't predict is that Alex us a crystal, ball-bothering psychic. 

Gift a life
Brave Hannah Pudsey died tragically young - but enjoyed her 24 short years to the full.  She knew the true value of life after getting a new heart as she stared death in the face aged just 13.  It gave her a chance to enjoy growing up, passing her driving test, getting a job, and meeting the man of her dreams. 
The ending would be upsetting but just seeing a girl learn to love the life she has and go on this journey to do as many things as possible just so she doesn't waste a second of it would be touching.  But what would her attitude be to others who believe they have it rough? I know I've gotten irritated towards people who use their parent issues as an excuse to be nasty to others.  So would a character like this try and help others who are finding it hard to cope with a problem or would it cause problems with others?

Woman pleads guilty to stealing newborn baby from arms of mother in hospital and raising her for 23 years
A woman pleaded guilty to kidnapping yesterday after snatching a newborn baby in 1987 and raising the child as her own for more than two decades.
Imagine finding out that your mother or father or both parents were actually your kidnappers.  The people who raised you with love.  It would be hard to accept they'd be capable of doing something like this.  And what about your real parents? How difficult would it be to move into a completely new house with people you've never met or lived with before? And what would happen to those feelings you had for the couple who you thought were your parents?


  1. I think these News to Novel posts are great :)

  2. The middle one is tragic and that final one is so insane!

  3. Thanks Theresa! :)

    Miss Cole, I know. I'm aware that these situations have happened before but it's still shocking to find that anyone could do that. To actually kidnap a child, raise it like it was your own and pretend to themselves and the child that everything is normal. Something isn't right mentally there.