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5 Feb 2012

News to Novels #5

Continuing from an article I posted in News to Novels #3 I found another article focusing on reality TV:

The Only Pay Is Essex
Who'd have thought white stilettos, fake tan and vajazzles would be the secret ingredients for kick-starting the economy.  But, as we revealed yesterday, sales of these TOWIE essentials have pumped a whopping £1.4 billion into the High Street.  This even beats the £1 billion spent by fans copying Kate Middleton.  Here, Dulcie Pearce meets two girls who blow all their wages on keeping up with the Essex reality show favourites.
It just adds to the growing obsession of reality TV and the fans who would do anything to be like them.  It starts with saying you're a fan, then copying a style, to full-blown dressing yourself up to actually look like them.  Where does it end? Maybe one day a fan will go too far and try to kill the reality star just to have their life.  From what I've read of it so far The Hunger Games shows a reality where death is everyone's entertainment.  Not surprising when they see people going completely insane through the isolation of Big Brother and the insect eating, fear facing tasks of I'm A Celebrity.  Audiences do actually like to see people go through hell.  Yes, it's voluntary but people enjoy it.  The contestants probably enjoy it just because it's good publicity.  So Suzanne Collins jumped in with reality TV evolving until death is the new entertainment... what about other horror stories revolving around it? Like the fans.  The girls interviewed in article spend hundreds each month to look like their idols.  One girl, £551, and the other £460.  The latter only earns £700 a month with credit card debt yet insists that it is all worth it.  She quotes: 'But I'd rather look like the TOWIE crew and be in debt than not'.  Unhealthy? Very.  What kind of story could you get from this?

Jelly's Been Raining Down
These blue jelly-like balls the size of large marbles rained down on a suburban garden in a freak shower.  Steve and Carol Hornsby found dozens outside their home after a hail storm in Bournemouth last week.  The balls don't smell, float, or dissolve and Steve, 61, has been unable to find out what they are.
Another article on the subject can be found here.  Maybe it's the sci-fi geek in me but my first thought was 'this is how alien invasion fiction starts out'.  Mysterious objects or substance from the sky? And here we have the next alien invasion novel!

Do you cannibal killer, take vampire murderess as your awful dreaded wife?
A killer cannibal and a Satan-worshipping vampire were branded the world's most evil couple yesterday after they got engaged. 
The story would be very dark and gruesome but what would happen to these two if they were allowed to get married? Would we have a very sadistic Bonnie and Clyde on our hands? How long would they last before they turned on each other?


  1. The Essex story makes me want to bang my head against a wall until I get a concussion and forget those people exist. UGH!

    I read about the weird jelly on the BBC News site. Totally a government conspiracy!! WE'LL ALL BE ZOMBIES!!!!

  2. I love the jelly one. It really sparks my imagination.

    Though the cannibal-vampire marriage would make a great sitcom