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25 Feb 2012

News to Novels #8

A couple of articles this week gave me the impression of a society that wants to control people.  Controlling how they feel, develop.  The first article:

Mixed-up five-year-olds and the alarming growth of the gender identity industry: 20 years ago the condition didn't exist.
The article mainly talks about the increasing number of children diagnosed with Gender Identity Disorder but there was a paragraph in particular that caught my interest: Nevertheless, a clinical trial is currently underway at the Tavistock which involves prescribing children from around the age of 12 with drugs to suspend puberty, thus preventing — so the theory goes — the mental anguish caused by the maturing of sex organs and changes in the voice.
The drug puts them in a state of 'biological neutral' - they're neither male or female. 

And then I found this article:

Potions for Emotions
The agony of a broken heart could be eased by painkillers, say scientists.  Research found that being dumped - or any other social rejection - is dealt with in the same part of the brain that processes physical pain.

Drugs that keep children biologically neutral, drugs that ease emotions... it could all become so sinister controlled by the wrong person.  A society where nobody is really allowed to develop physically and mentally.  They don't have a gender and after a while they're giving a drug to stop emotions.  What does that do to their morals if the drug advances to easing off natural feelings? Would a person care about doing right or wrong? Could they help others in need without the ability to feel sorrow or sympathy? And what would it be like to also live gender neutral as well?


  1. The "emotionless" thing has been done to death, but "gender neutral society" could be very interesting. (The only problem with the latter is that many people, myself included, see nothing wrong with the idea of "gender neutrality." That could be a good thing though, because I feel like most dystopias are constructed around a premise that is very obviously a bad thing, and as a result, the world is so warped that it's hard to relate to the characters' situation.)

  2. Drugs to ease emotions is a really intriguing idea, if slightly scary at the same time.

    Thanks for the links! You always find such interesting stories to share.

  3. Thank you :) Glad you like the articles.