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13 Feb 2012


Yep, another blogger with a Valentine's Day themed blog post.  But not just on love between a girl and boy.  And not just on couple relationships.  I wanted to talk about all relationships and duos, not just couples.  Bromance, sisterhood, hero and sidekick etc.  I'll admit I can feel wary about fictional romance.  Sometimes it just isn't believable for me.  And what I also tend to do is heart non-couples.  Friends, brothers, sisters, mothers and daughters etc.  Sometimes I find their relationships better written than romance.  And Valentine's Day can be for anything.  I've seen cards for parents, brothers, friends.  You can proclaim your love for anyone and anything.  So let's talk awesome duos.  In film, literature, and television.

My top duos are:

Willow and Oz (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

Such a cute couple.  I loved how Oz was introduced in the background, noticing Willow and bumping into her quite a few times.  Yet Willow had no idea and followed the scooby gang in their adventures, not knowing that a certain werewolf to be was desperately trying to talk to her.  I loved seeing Willow happy and blossoming in confidence as someone finally took notice of her and I was a sucker for Oz's devotion for her.  He was never a boy of words but you could see it in his actions and the way he looked at her that he was smitten.  No need for flowery prose or dramatic declarations of love.  That little witch pen he gave her in season 3 and the times when he'd just reach up and stroke her hair said it all.

Jonah and Jesse (Break)

I loved the relationship these brothers had.  In a house full of anger and illness and worry Jesse and Jonah stuck together, trying to control the chaos in their family life themselves when their parents failed to.  Apart from Jesse's allergies and Jonah's mental state of mind they attempted to try and work at things, taking on responsibilities even though it often led to arguments between themselves as well.  But one thing was never lost: the worry and love they had for each other.  Jonah worried for Jesse's life overall while Jesse worried about his older brother's antics. 

Katniss and Gale (The Hunger Games... so far)

Okay, so I haven't exactly finished the book yet but I really, really love the relationship I'm reading now between Gale and Katniss.  I know it's going to turn into a love triangle but I enjoyed reading about their strong friendship.  At the moment, it's two teenagers who hunt together and teach each other new tricks.  They're there for each other for cheering up and staying strong in a dismal world and it's touching how much Katniss is missing Gale at the moment.  Not in a 'I can't live without him nearby' way.  She misses him because she just needs comfort as the games draw near.  She just wants someone to talk to who can say the right thing or make her feel safer.  It's sweet and friendly for now. 

Granny Weatherwax and Nanny Ogg (Discworld)

Here's Terry Pratchett showing that the elderly can be just as awesome as young character.  For Granny you have a strict, poker-faced crone who doesn't let her emotions show.  And then there's Nanny Ogg with her raunchy attitude and pleasant nature.  They're the absolute opposite of each other and yet they have a close friendship with Granny briefly opening up to Nanny a few times.  Something you wouldn't see her doing with others. 

The Doctor and Amy Pond (Doctor Who)

It all started in childhood.  For Amy Pond he's the Raggedy Doctor who appeared to her briefly to fix a crack in the wall.  Then he offered her an adventure into space and finally got back to her twelve years later.  Matt Smith's Doctor isn't the most reliable incarnation and poor Amy went through years of therapy as a result of it.  Yet she followed the Doctor without hesitation becoming one of his closest friends and always (although not intentionally!) waiting for him.  Even putting a plate out for him at every meal after he disappeared from her life just in case he turned up.  It's the childhood aspect of her relationship with him that I loved.  How he turned into a childhood idol for her, someone who stayed in her imagination for years.  The Doctor was a hero to her who she always had so much faith in. 

Who are your top duos?


  1. I love Willow and Oz! But Buffy and Angel will always be my fave duo on that show :)

    Other fave duo's
    Pacey and Joey- (Dawson's Creek)It was more than the romance with them because even when they weren't together they were always there for each other.

    Jack and Jen (Dawson's Creek-can you tell I'm a fan?)They were like two lost souls who found each other.

    Loralie and Rory on Gilmore Girls- The perfect mother daughter duo.

    And Ethan and Link from the Beautiful Creature books. I'd take either as a best friend.

  2. Best friends are WAY more important to me than lovers. So without further ado:

    Locke and Jean from Scott Lynch's THE GENTLEMEN BASTARDS -- best bromance ever.

    Nailer and Pima from SHIP BREAKER.

    Grace and Mandarin from LIKE MANDARIN.

    And the Weasley twins, of course.