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9 Jan 2012

To Tweet!

I'm all modern now! I'm trying out twitter to see how it goes for posting blog updates and just general curiosity.  So I'll test it out for now and see if it doesn't drive me crazy figuring it out. 

Got my profile here and let's start following!

How does everyone find twitter as a social network? Because honestly, if I didn't have a blog I probably wouldn't have signed up for it.  I'm fine with just facebook.  But I'll admit twitter also seemed like a good thing to join for mentioning updates.  So has it worked for you or do you prefer to use something else?


  1. I started my social media presence with my blog and Facebook. I added Twitter later, and gradually found Twitter far more useful than FB--not just for posting blog updates, but also to get to know people better, especially those that follow my blog. You can also pick up some great tips. Many literary agents tweet, and they will sometimes post messages like "Where are all the Sci Fi Dystopian novels?" which tips you off to things they're looking for. I have also discovered agents to query through people I follow on Twitter.

    I'm not on Twitter all day, every day, but I'm on there more frequently than FB. And even when I'm not, any tweets sent to me go to my email, so I can sign in and respond.

    My Twitter account is @colin_d_smith. Find me and follow me. I'll follow you next time I'm on. Feel free to go through the list of people I follow for ideas of people you might like to follow. I'm pretty sure we have some blog friends in common. And don't be afraid to tweet any questions you have. The 140 character limit can be challenging... but we're writers, so that's a good thing, yes? :)

  2. I resisted Twitter for a very long time and now I love it. I have met some amazing writers/people on Twitter. It's a great way to network and I prefer it over FB. The only problem- I'm on Twitter when I should be writing. It is a great and terrible distraction.

    As Colin said you can follow Agents as well as Editors and the information that they provide in 140 characters is invaluable.

    You can find me on Twitter at @theresamariep.

  3. I prefer Twitter to Facebook because it forces you to be concise. It's lots of fun! I'm @MissColeBurke

  4. It's certainly a lot easier to get used to. When I first joined facebook a few years ago I was so confused. It was taking ages to understand and I was really slow on it. Twitter isn't that complicated, really.

    Colin, I never thought about finding literary agents and writing tips on facebook. That would be very helpful. Thanks very much!