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29 Jan 2012

Sunday writing: Editor, you may return

It's time to get cracking on that editing now.  I've taken a writing break since November, just concentrating on notes and things for other projects that I'd like to work on in the future.  But my NaNo project is getting a little bit dusty and neglected.  And the changes that I knew I wanted to make when writing the first draft are bugging me.  They want to be fixed.  Now.

Honestly, this W.I.P is a demanding diva!

Editing a novel seems a whole lot different to editing a short story.  When I wrote The Merry Maiden Wails I just went through and deleted this part or added something to this chapter.  Changed the way this guy spoke.  Axed that character and brought this one in.  I could just go through it page by page and edit.  With Beast Inside I have no clue where to start.  I think about editing this and it all feels so scattered and chaotic, if that makes sense. I thought the best thing would be to go back to the notebook I have with all the notes on research, lore, etc.  I've made new notes on the characters, changing a little bit about their personality or relationship.  I'm indecisive about the only female teenager involved.  I'm tempted to just axe her because she doesn't seem to be working.  But then that takes out quite a few parts of the story.  Eh, I'll leave her for now.  She doesn't appear until halfway through so I've got time to think.  The pace of the plot needs a lot of work.  So now that I have an idea of how the story goes I could do detailed chapter notes on what happens to help with the flow.  I've got a better idea of why the events occur in the beginning.  I'll see how that works out.

So time to get the playlist out, get all my vampire films on for inspiration, and get ready to mess up the lives of my characters. 

I've been a nasty writer to this lot.  I've put them all through hell.  Mwahahaha!


  1. When I edit I print out a copy, get out my pen and highlighter and start at the beginning. For some reason I edit better on paper than I do on the computer.

    And putting your characters through hell is so much fun! Isn't it?

    Happy Editing :)

  2. I agree with Theresa - I print my MS and use pens to edit.

    I had a character I wound up cutting. Taking her out changed the book's entire plot, but it was the best decision I made and I've never looked back :)

    Good luck!

  3. Theresa, it is indeed! I feel like the evil puppet master ^^

    Yep, I'm with you on the printed out draft and pens. I couldn't edit on the computer. I need it out in front of me where I can flick back and forth.

    And coloured pens are a must for me. If they're glitter ones, even better!

  4. Good luck Robin!
    I am dealing with my own beast at the moment so let me know if you find a magical way to tame it :D
    I wanted to do like Teresa and Miss Cole aka print it all out and do some edits. Since I already knew that one major subplot & the tense needed to be changed from the very beginning, I decided to print it after I do that major edit.
    We´ll see how it goes...Happy editing to you!