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28 Jan 2012

News to Novels #4

More articles to spark some creativity!

I sailed the world at 16
Teenager Laura Dekker - the youngest round-the-world solo sailor.  Laura, 16, set off from St Maarten in the Caribbean on January 20th last year and returned on Saturday.
I've read so many articles like this in the past when a teenager that young has committed themselves to doing something remarkable.  What is their story? Why do they decide to do something like this? I find people like Laura so inspiring so it would be nice to see a story about a boy or a girl working to achieve a dream so young.  Their ambition is always so motivating.

Corpse in self-store
The remains of a granny have been found in a self-storage unit - 17 years after she died.
Sounds like the beginning of a Castle episode.  A good murder mystery is always enjoyable.

Mummy cat in my ceiling
Property renovator George Hartley shows off her new pet - a mummified cat that was entombed in the ceiling.
I'm thinking Egypt, horror, mummies, evil... I think this could trigger off a good supernatural horror.


  1. I would have screamed the house down if that cat fell on me.

    ...and SEVENTEEN YEARS?!?! WHAT?! Poor, poor, poor woman!

  2. I know! She was embalmed and everything! *shudders*

    Thanks, Sage :)