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22 Jan 2012

News to Novels #3

Still rummaging through the newspapers for more story ideas.  Found a few interesting ones that sparked some plot lines so I hope they'll be of some use to you as well!

10 pints a day for girl.
A teenage girl who had been guzzling 10 and a half pints a day cider a day since she was 14 needed two ops to save her life.
It makes you wonder how this started.  Is a cry for attention or a way of escaping issues? What about the future? Could you see the character trying to change her life and stay healthy or could there be further problems? Addiction, unable to face her troubles, in denial that she's in danger etc?

Hidden victims of Austerity Britain
An article in a paper showed cases from different children who were talking about how the recession had affected their lives.  The article was making a claim that children as young as eight were aware of the money problems their parents were going through.  Most of the children interviewed told the paper how it seemed to be destroying the relationship their parents had, noticing they were arguing more and taking their frustration out on their children.  Some had siblings who didn't understand and made it difficult for the family because they still wanted luxury.  One child gives all her birthday money to her mother for food and bills.  Another hardly gets to see her parents because they've had to do more hours and days to get earn more.  I've seen it throughout my life... children who have to grow up quickly.  I've had friends who had to be the ones who raised their siblings because their parents either fail to do so or haven't got the time to with extra work hours.  I've seen classmates face detention because they have struggled to fit in homework with part-time work.  The teachers would just yell at them for taking on a job in the first place but work was necessary for them because they needed the money for university or to help their parents. 

Boy or girl? The parents who refused to say for FIVE years finally reveal sex of their 'gender-neutral' child
His fairy wings, pink tutu and ballet pumps suggest this little boy has raided the dressing up box.  But if five-year-old Sasha wanted to wear this every day, his parents would have no problem at all.  In fact, as they are bringing him up to be ‘gender neutral’, they would see it simply as their son expressing himself.
What if the parents continued to do this? Raise a child and refuse to reveal the gender, even to him or her? How would that child turn out?


  1. Interesting idea! How sad for a fourteen year old to have an alcohol problem.

  2. The gender-neutral episode is a fantastic plot device. Imagine the possibilities: nature vs. nurture, societal norms, gender politics, parental duties, the list goes on. Thank you!

  3. @Miss Cole: It's really tragic. Something must have had to happen for her to start.
    Icyhighs, no problem! Glad these articles are useful!

  4. Hi Robin, put your heads-up to use straight away in a new post. Credited you with providing inspiration, hope you don't mind. Keep on blogging!

  5. Course I don't mind! Thank you very much and I'm glad these articles are giving people some ideas.