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14 Jan 2012

News to Novels #2

I've tried to stay clear off the wacky and weird this week and also tried to find more stories involving teenagers.  The collection this week:

Teen lands £1.3m
Eloise Hutchinson, 19, hit the jackpot after buying a £1 Lucky Dip ticket at the Co-op store where she works.
I'm not sure if it's the same in other countries but in the UK we can legally buy lottery tickets at 16.  How awesome would it have been to win the jackpot at that age?

Ski Brit's Snow Hell
Thousands of British holidaymakers remained trapped in an avalanche-hit Swiss ski resorts yesterday.
A survival story for a group of teenagers.  It would be fascinating to see character development with teenagers who have never experienced anything like this before. 

Cambridge Uni Reality TV Fury
Students at posh Cambridge University are furious at plans for a TOWIE-style reality show to be set in the historic city.
Like it or not reality TV plagues the channels.  It's everywhere unfortunately and probably won't be disappearing for a while.  Could it take over the world? Possibly.  I haven't read The Hunger Games yet I know that but that involves dangerous reality TV and the Doctor Who episodes Bad Wolf and The Parting of Ways shows a society who are stuck indoors and constantly watching reality shows where the losers being killed.  Maybe we've had a lot of fiction that focuses on dangerous reality TV but how about a story that highlights how obsessed people can get with getting into reality TV and doing whatever it takes - being sexually exploited, giving up friends, family, and health, altering yourself with plastic surgery. 

Separated at birth: The young couple who got together as strangers... then found a photo of themselves both as babies.
I wouldn't really consider myself a romantic but this has to be my favourite story of the week.  It's not an exciting and conflicted romantic tale but it's sweet that they sort of met as babies and then met again at the same university.  


  1. I can't recommend The Hunger Games enough, especially the first book (2 and 3 are very noticeably weaker I think, though they're still nicely paced and gripping). It's a great concept, slightly similar to the excellent Battle Royale movies.

  2. Interesting stories. I'm sure that last one could be the inspiration for a novel. The obvious route to take would be the romantic, but how else could it be done? Arch-enemies, for example, who discover this early childhood connection? How might that affect them and the story?

    Thanks for sharing, Robin!

  3. @Emma, I'm quite looking forward to reading the first book of the HG trilogy. I love stories where teenagers have learnt to fight and survive. That's why Red Dawn is one of my favourite films. A group of high school students battling against Russian invaders and forming a revolution for their country. Brilliant film.

    Colin, I think I would like to read a novel like that. It would create a sweet relationship that has been evolving since the teenagers were young. And the arch-enemies route would make for some good conflict. It's making me think of a modern day Romeo and Juliet in the way. As long as the main characters have a lot more sense than R + J.