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7 Jan 2012

News to Novels #1

My boyfriend and I have this habit of going through the newspapers my neighbour passes on to us and cutting up interesting stories that we could use for novel ideas.  I tend to search for very wacky ones that I could turn into a supernatural or comedy.  We started this after a task in our creative course at university.  To get ideas for our final writing project our lecturer told us to go through newspapers and share with the class what we found and how we'd use it as inspiration. 

I thought this could make a good regular feature since my only posts have been on RTW.  And one of my resolutions for 2012 was to come up with a few features. 

Ice Scream
"Shocked relatives found a woman's body stuffed in Frank Julian's freezer after he died aged 80 in Maine, US."
I love these sort of stories - not to sound weird and creepy.  I like them in a 'could totally turn that into a horror story' way.  It sounds like the type of story that could become an urban legend in a quiet but gossiping suburban neighbourhood.

Satan Sacrifice
"Two teenagers survived being set on fire as "sacrifices" during a Satanic ritual in Johannesburg, South Africa."
I kept this article for a W.I.P I'll develop in the future.  It was also part of my writing project where I was writing about teenagers getting involved with cults and becoming increasingly fascinated with the Occult as it led to dangerous activities. 

Lunar-tic 999 call
"A panicking 999 caller reported a mystery light hovering over his house one night - before realising it was the moon."
I could see an article like this becoming a version of The Boy Who Cried Wolf.  And how ironic would it be if he actually saw a UFO coming towards him one night to beam him up? Might work best as a comic short story.

Standing tall: Battery-operated boy who can walk again after doctors 'rewired' his brain to stop his body twisting.
I think I'd like to read a story like this.  People getting a little bit of good luck when they live with an illness or conditions.  I always find these stories touching. 

Does anyone else turn to newspapers and magazines for story ideas?


  1. I absolutely get inspired by news stories and my husband points out good ones too. He has a habit of pointing out stories that are already movies or books though. Him: "Wow this story about the Ididerod and that dog Balto is really cool. You should write..." Me: 'Lemme just stop you right there'

  2. I am sometimes inspired by news stories, too. These ones are so creepy/random and I can see them all making fantastic books (also, you should totally make this a feature. It'd be interesting :)).

  3. Haha, I do seem to have picked some strange ones. I'm going to stick to a variety for future ones so it doesn't look like I'm listing the wierd and insane. ^^

    @angelhorn it does suck when you find some really good stories and ideas... and then you find them in a book or film.