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27 Jan 2012

Make 'Em Laugh

On Absolute Write there has been topics on what we would like to see in YA.  It's been on my mind a while, especially with the ghost story obsession I have at the mo.  But there's another genre that I'd like to see more of that's been on my mind recently.  Comedy.  It's a random thing to think about and post but I'm sick at the moment and when I feel crappy I always grab the comedies and watch them.  Watching silly things and laughing just helps and it started to make me wonder if there were any good YA comedies or parodies out there. 

So far we got Pratchett, Adams and Goldman out there but is it time for somebody new? On the shelves in Waterstones I see the dark fantasy and drama. I hear people talking about writing teenage issues.  But at times we just need a good giggle. I know I do. Something silly and outrageous that really takes us away from life problems, illness and reality.  Can anyone recommend any good YA comedies?

And if parodies did start filling up the shelves what would you want to see satirised?

In the meantime Donald O'Connor is here to cheer us up...


  1. I've heard that comedy is a hard sell in YA (easier in MG). I think part of the problem with any age group is that humor is so subjective. I've had someone tell me a book is hilarious, and I found it very "ho-hum."

    The only YA comedy I've read recently and enjoyed is Beauty Queens by Libba Bray

  2. I would love more YA books that make me laugh out loud. The few I have read are:

    The Ruined series by Simone Elkeles
    Paranormalcy by Kiersten White (Evie the main character has great personality)

    And that is all I can think of. They aren't comedies but they did make me laugh.

    Feel Better :)

  3. I don't have any to recommend.

    But...I'm a new follower! Got here from Theresa's blog!

    Hello! *waves* Nice to meet you!

  4. I agree! Sometimes there is nothing that is better than a comedy. LOVE them!

    (I'm here from Theresa's blog, too! Good to meet you!)

  5. Thanks for the recommendations! I'll be adding them to my TBR pile if I can get hold of them.

    @Sage, It would be a challenge to write something that people could appreciate as humour. But with any genre there are always going to be people who like it or don't. With romance, some people will feel the sexual tension between a couple; some won't. A horror book may scare some readers but others will be fine reading it. Still, it would be useful to have wit like Terry Pratchett. That man is my God of comedy.

    And nice to meet you Peggy and Kelley! Thanks for following!