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26 Jan 2012

Award Shout Out

A big, big thanks to Elodie who has passed on the Versatile Blogger award.  It's my first ever blogging award so I'm really touched by it. :) It really means a lot.

And if you haven't been introduced to Elodie's blog yet then get clicking on that link! She writes fantastic posts on writing that I've always found interesting to read. 

For this award I have to share 7 things about me and pass the award onto 15 bloggers.  I'm quite new at blogging and still being introduced to blogs so I'm afraid the number will be quite low.  But I know who I'm passing this award onto.

Colin - I know Elodie's already passed on the award to you but I can't leave you out.  One of the first bloggers I met who always has a great response for Road Trip Wednesday and after being introduced to his characters Jasper and Pearl I'm looking forward to hearing more about them and their stories in the future.

Theresa - Such thoughtful posts on writing.  One that stuck in my mind was a post on fears and how we can't live in fear.  She linked it to writing which I found very motivational.  I'd recommend her blog.

Miss Cole - One of the most inspiring blogs I've come across.  She uses music and photos in her posts as sources on inspiration and motivation.  And there have been plenty of times where I've come away from her blog with all sorts of writing ideas buzzing around in my head. 

The Bookshelf Muse  - If you're a writer then this is THE blog for you.  I love love LOVE the thesauruses on character traits, weather, emotions, settings etc.  My writing weakness is description so this blog has been incredibly helpful with my writing in the past. 

And those are the blogs I think deserve the Versatile Blogger Award.  Check them out if you haven't already done so. :)

And seven things about me:

1) When I first came to university my dream career was in journalism.  A placement at a local newspaper proved that the job would bore me incredibly and wasn't actually the right career for me.  Since working as a teaching assistant I've realised that this is the job I'm meant to do.  I absolutely love my job and hope to train as a teacher in a year or so. 

2) I was on the netball team in primary school and regret not continuing in high school. 

3) When I was 13 I got my hair short and cropped, daring to try out a short hairdo.  I was then called Harry Potter at school until it finally grew longer.  Looking back at photos I really don't blame my classmates for calling me that.  The resemblance was ridiculous.  What on earth was I thinking? I was still wearing glasses at the time and I also had a scar on my forehead from having chicken pox months before. *face palm*

4) My first stories when I was younger were short stories about three dolls called Molly, Polly, and Dolly.  Creative, huh?

5) Yet I never thought of being a writer until I was 15.  Before that I was horrified at the thought of getting my work published for all to read.  But then some stories I wrote fell into the hands of my friends who really enjoyed them and I started to consider writing as a future career.  I've been writing away ever since.

6) My two favourite artists are David Bowie and Alice Cooper. 

7)  I'm the type to squee over cute animals.  I'm a complete softie.  I love monkeys and I currently have one cat called Imp.  He's a little devil, always doing something mischievous and naughty but he loves his cuddles and likes to curl up on my chest with his head tucked under my chin.  He also has a habit of walking across my laptop.  Once he managed to turn the magnifier on, turn my wireless off and then lock my computer all in one go.  Cheeky git! At least he's stopped climbing up the curtains now.


  1. Thank you so much! *cue huge smile!*

    David Bowie! HIGH FIVE! Favourite song?

  2. I'm truly honored to be singled out by you Robin (and Elodie, too). Thank you! :)

    It's great that you love your job (there are too many that don't--especially in teaching), and I wish you every success. And your Harry Potter story was funny--at least now... I'm sure it wasn't at the time. :)

  3. Life on Mars. I'm always humming it. :) What's yours?

    Colin, thank you. No, it was a little embarrassing at the time haha. But it gives me a good laugh now though. ^^

  4. Life on Mars too :D But I love Starman and Ashes to Ashes as well.

  5. I could have sworn I already posted a comment. Oops. I'm Sorry. Anywho...

    THANK YOU so much! You are all types of awesome.

    I also squee over cute animals! I could be in the worst mood, show me a cute pic of a monkey, pig or dog and instant Kool Aid Smile :)

  6. No problem! :) Have you ever seen Daily Squee? It's a website on the internet and it shows pictures of all these cute animals. Must warn you... there will be an overload of squee!