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19 Dec 2011

Starting out

As you know and can certainly tell, I'm completely new at blogging.  I'm still getting the hang of it and making that slow step into the community.  I'm searching for topics of interest that I can talk about, getting an idea of what regular features I can do and a possible schedule.  I'm joining in with RTW Wednesdays on YA Highway to help me get the confidence to just join in and speak.  I'm slowly getting this blog organised which I hope to do this holiday once I'm over the worst of this cold. 

I thought it'd be nice to hear other people's stories on blogging and how much they're enjoying it.  What made you start? Was it to talk books or writing or films etc? To stay in touch with friends or make new ones? I'm interested in hearing your story whether you've only just started or have been doing so for a while now.  :)

Mine started because of NaNo.  I wanted to join in with a worldwide experience of writing a 50,000 word novel in a month and I wanted to share my experiences.  Now that it's over it's purely to talk about writing and love for the YA market.  I did a degree in English and Creative Writing where I befriended other writers and we talked a lot about writing, showed each other our work and gave feedback.  I loved it because I was sharing my top passion with others, which I couldn't do in High School.  Now that most of them have moved back home for work and to save money I miss having people nearby to share writing with.  So that's why I started blogging.


  1. Hey Robin :-) Great question!
    I also started to blog not too long ago (first post was in September). I now have an established schedule and even some followers (which got me super excited :-)).

    It started as an idea to connect with other writers and try to sound funny about my commute, it´s now mainly posts about writing (questions I ask myself, questions to others, interesting links...) The commute creeps in from times to times and I do have a random Sunday.

    I find it stimulating to write on something different than my WIP, to play with words, thoughts and to get to know other bloggers, writers, readers...

    Looking forward to reading more of your posts and wow that was a long answer :-)

  2. I've had blogs for many things, but in terms of writing, I've never been able to stick with a blog. I've started up again since I'm getting closer to completing my first draft. I want to use the blog as a motivational tool to keep trucking along.

    Now I'm just not sure what to write about. Ha.

  3. CG, you're better organised than me! I'm still working out a schedule. Right now it's just posts that come to mind randomly. I'm saving my first book review for a post I want to do nearer New Year's Day that will start me off for reviewing. Other than that it's finding topics to post about for a certain day. I don't want to start something that is already being done by someone else.

    Shante, I'm with you on motivation. That's another reason I started this. If I was talking about writing with others and people could see my progress then it would help me to keep going. I said I was writing a first draft so I wanted that to happen and If I gave up, I'd feel silly after telling everyone I was going to do it.