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1 Dec 2011

NaNo - yay or nay?

Final word count: 50,128

NaNo is finished and done with.  Congratulations to anyone who won and took part - it's a wonderful achievement!

This was my first year taking part so it was quite a new challenge for me.  At the end of the day I'm really proud of learning how to discipline myself and letting myself write the story.  The inner editor was ignored.  Mostly.  But with pros comes some cons.  I like the challenge - it was really good for me.  However, I have to admit I'm just as glad finishing it than I was signing up to it. 

Towards the end the deadline did make me feel quite tired and I was ready to have my evenings to myself again.  It was hard for me to balance work, writing, house chores and squeeze in other things like getting my clothes and lunch ready for tomorrow and getting a bath and hair wash.  I felt a little bad because I was writing so much and felt like I was completely ignoring my boyfriend - not finding much time to spend time with him.  My left wrist is also in a lot of pain from writing so much in the last few days.  It hurts to bend.  Now I feel a little relaxed and able to get more things done on a night.  I can also enjoy focusing on Christmas now and getting ready for that.  So those were my cons.

The pros? I've come away with a finished first draft, ready to edit and take my first steps into polishing up a novel for querying in the future.  An amazing sense of achievement for taking on a challenge that doesn't fit to my writing style and getting on with it. 

What I've learnt? NaNo definitely doesn't fit to my writing style.  I'm slow but I hope I'll be a little bit faster in the future.  I'll also be happier working on the next W.I.P at my own speed. 

I'm still glad I've done this.  However I'll admit that I'm uncertain about whether or not I'll do it again next year.  Maybe I'll have disciplined myself more by that time.   Who knows?

I'd like to hear other people's thoughts on NaNo - have you done this year or another? Any good? Did it put you off signing up again?

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