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23 Nov 2011

RTW: Giving Thanks

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This week's topic:
What writing or publishing-related thing(s) are you most thankful for?

A BIG thank you to three things:

My creative writing tutors
They were awesome.  Just pure awesome.  One I turned to for feedback on all stories because he was a prose guy and his suggestions always helped, letting me know when it was good to go for submitting for assessment.  He showed where my strengths and weaknesses lie, encouraging me to try styles and narratives that I was dead set on avoiding because it wasn't my comfort zone.  My other tutor actually introduced me to experimental writing, which I hated at first but then had fun with when I found out that alternate histories could be seen as experimental.  I was also introduced to ficto-criticism which I had loved and thanks to his suggestions, encouragement, and interest I have a story mapped out that I'll go back to one day and develop.  They taught me so much about writing and got me out of my comfort zone for assignments and class preparation pieces that I found other styles/genres I'd love to write in/for.  I haven't regretted choosing to study creative writing with English. 

I have to thank books! They're the reason I write to begin with.  Since I was little I've read stories that I've enjoyed and left constantly thinking about in my head.  I would finish a book and think: 'I want to write something like that'.  I loved telling stories when I was little, mostly in my head where I would go off into a fantasy land and think of adventures to have.  They introduced me to amazing characters like Inigo Montoya, Granny Weatherwax, and Larten Crepsley and I just wanted to do the same.  Someday... hopefully. :)

Darren Shan, R.L.Stine, and Stephen King
When I was younger I loved the twist endings and creepy tales of R.L.Stine.  In my teenage years I was introduced to Darren Shan and I told myself that I want to write Young Adult supernatural horror just like he did.  Moving on into my late teens and present day it's Stephen King that takes up most of my bookshelves and Salem's Lot is constantly take on and skimmed through, again telling myself that this is the genre I want to write for most of all.  These three authors inspired my love for spooky tales. 

To everyone who celebrates Happy Thanksgiving, have a great holiday and enjoy it!


  1. I'm glad you had a tutor who was willing to take the time to give you feedback and encourage you. I had a teacher in Primary School in the UK when I was 9, and again when I was 11, who took an interest in my creative efforts, having our class put on plays I wrote, and so forth--even at that tender age!

    Have a great day tomorrow. Even though it's not Thanksgiving in the UK, there's always reason to give thanks, so use it as an excuse to do something special. :)

  2. So many people are thanking books today! And how great is it that you thanked authors for inspiring you with their twistiness?

  3. Colin, thank you! Hope you're having a good UK Thanksgiving! And I think it's great that you had a teacher who let your plays get performed. It's amazing how creative children can be at a young age - definitely needs to be focused on a lot. My class invented a whole story a couple of weeks ago. Named the characters and developed the plot! Brilliant!

    @ Angelica: Books have done so many things for people. So I'm not surprised I'm not the only one! Haha, gotta thank/blame the people responsible for my horror-obsessed mind. I've always looked up to them :)