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20 Nov 2011

NaNo Week 3 - Targets, Juggling, and Publication on the side

Word Count: 21,326

I said last Sunday that my target was to reach 20,000.  I did it! Last night, I achieved my target and today I'm hoping to get up 25000.  Hopefully some time in a coffee shop away from internet distractions will help write faster and get more done. 

It's getting easier to just write and build up the word count, especially that I'm far into the story now and moving into the middle.  I don't think I'll finish the story in 50,000 words - may need to carry on but the important thing at the moment is meeting that 50,000 word count.  What I wish I had done in the beginning was do 2000 words each day rather than 1000.  It meant I was really behind, especially when I had days where my cold made me feel awful and extremely weak so I avoided doing anything, even writing.  There's a nasty bug going around my school at the moment.  It left me with a sinus infection, the class teacher I work with had to take a day off feeling sick and a student teacher who is currently doing a placement in our class has been sick on and off for a week.  So that's been in the way of NaNo on a few occasions.

But to reach 20,000 this week I allowed myself to have a target of at least 2000 words that I would write each night after coming home from work and getting everything else ready for the next day like lunch and clothes etc.  2000 words meant I would have reached 20,000 by Friday.  It's not much and if you just sit down and write, the word count flies by.  I had one naughty day on Friday - lazy night in with the boyfriend with take-away and watching our favourite programmes together.  I'm trying not to feel guilty for that because I think it's good and healthy for people to just take a day or a night to rest up without having to worry about the cleaning, cooking, and writing.  Just one night to refresh your mind and relax.  Take-away is my hero for that, along with a bubble bath, candles and incense.   It meant the next day I went back to the writing and got those 4000 words onto the document and target was reached.  So if there's anyone out there doing NaNo who is feeling the pressure... try not to worry.  :) Just sit down whenever you have the time and write lots without thinking about it and when you feel you need to... relax for a night and take away the stress.  Everyone needs a break now and again.  All work and no play...

The anthology I contributed to has turned up on Amazon Kindle stores a day early! :D I have a few links for you...

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