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13 Nov 2011

NaNo: Second Week

Word count so far: 10,369

What I'm learning from the story so far...

1) Some characters may need a personality transplant.  My three MCs do come across as jerks a little.  I kinda wanted to punch them in the face when I was writing their dialogue.  What was supposed to come off as sibling and friend bantering just came off as arrogant and annoying.  So I need to work on how I present Josh, Caleb, and Luca in the beginning when the editing begins. 

2) Caleb is also a complete and utter wimp.  But I kind of like that he's come across as a character who cannot watch a horror film without letting it get to his head.  Might keep that trait and work on it for the edits.  I like a character who shows that they do get scared. :)

3) Haven't quite got the horror atmosphere right.  It's not really scaring me so in the editing I'll need to really look at the writing and put in some notes on what to change/take out/add and how to creepify it more.

I'm honestly trying to hold the inner editor back and it is working.  I've learnt to just write and let the story come out first but I am keeping mental notes of what I can focus on to begin with when it is time to let the inner editor out.  Keep the little monster happy for now.

Made it to the 10,000 mark at last! And I've seen some people have already reached the 50,000 word target.  Congrats to anyone who has done that! I'm very much in awe! I still feel so slow but I know writing huge word counts in a day isn't my writing style so I don't feel too bad about it.  Everyone writes differently - fast or slow, around noise or in need of silence, at home or in a coffee shop - and I think NaNo can play a huge part in helping us realise what our style is.  I'm really enjoying the experience of it and learning a bit more of how I write and what I'm comfortable with and not. :)

So.... perhaps I can reach 20,000 by next Sunday? Challenge accepted! Let's see how well I can discipline myself and see if I can keep this 'just write and get it typed on that bloody word document already!' attitude.

To add to this blog, I put a link up for the short story coming out soon.  Not shamelessly promoting it and obsessively talking about it I swear... *whistles innocently*

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