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6 Nov 2011

NaNo: The First Week

Word count so far: 4,046

Okay, not bad :) Haven't done as much as I thought I would, which I'm a little disappointed in myself for, but so far I'm succeeding in tucking away my inner editor and just focusing on writing the story.  That would have to be one of my writing flaws.  I let the editor work alongside me as I write but rather than being nice and offering constructive criticism it's mainly there hanging next to my ear snapping "This is rubbish.  Where did you get this character from? That dialogue is awful!"

Yeah, I'm my own worst enemy at times.  It gets in the way of writing and slowly I lose motivation to write because I've convinced myself it's terrible.  I'm spending so much time thinking about what will need some serious editing that the excitement and enthusiasm for just writing that first draft disappears.

NaNo is actually helping here.  Occasionally the editor pops out to tut and whisper 'I don't like that part' but I just keep going and focus on what's next in the story to write.  My determination to reach 50,000 is stronger than the editor, thank goodness.  Now all I need to work on is writing more each day.  So far I've made sure I've written at least a thousand words each day.  The only days I didn't go near the W.I.P were Friday and Saturday - I came home from work with a stinking cold and complete exhaustion from supporting 4 and 5 years old in class.  I just needed to rest and make sure I got better for Monday.  I've been at my new job a week so hopefully I'm now used to the routines.  I'm hoping I won't be as tired next week and my cold seems to be disappearing quickly so maybe I'll feel 100% better tomorrow.

Roll on 10,000 words! I will reach that target this week.

I hope everyone else is doing well! :)

In other writing news, I've just seen the cover and web page for the short story anthology I've contributed a story to.  I've signed my contract, done my edits and submitted my bio for the publisher's website which should be on soon.  I'm going to have my first writing piece published! Yay! It'll be published in a digital edition first and then in March 2012 as paperback.  I think for the electronic version they're going for the 25th November as a publishing date. 

Lookie here!

I'm so excited for this! I'll give you more info on the story I've submitted for it next time!

Good luck for the next week, fellow NaNo-ers!


  1. Congrats on the publication :-) and good luck with Nano...I am not doing it but I am also working on just writing without worrying too much about the re-write I will have to do after the first draft.

  2. Thank you :) Hope the writing is going well. I know from experience how off-putting it can be when you listen to the inner editor, so I wish you all the luck in switching it off for now!