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27 Oct 2011

Let's get started then...

After years of putting it off purely because I'm a coward with these things I've finally signed up to NaNo and I'm doing it this year. :)

I always used university as an excuse, saying I was going to be too busy with essay assignments or getting my reading lists finished etc.  In reality I was shit scared because I thought I couldn't do it and didn't want to look stupid by signing up and coming out with only 1000 words due to bad procrastination on my part.  But recently I've written a short story for an anthology my friend's parents are involved in so a few of us have written either one story or more for it.  Mine is finished, sent, and currently waiting on any edits or changes I should do but overall... it's going to be my first published work.  I know it's not a novel but it's still a big deal for me and it's something small to start out with. :)  Other people will have submitted stories so I'm not as nervous as I would be with a debut novel since it isn't just my story being focused on. 

It's definitely given me more motivation to get this NaNo project finished so I'll have my first completed draft and that's the goal really.  To finish something without letting the brutal editor inside of me insult and criticise it to the point where I give up on it because I'm convinced it's rubbish.  I do have a bad habit of doing that, unfortunately.  Maybe learn to have a little more faith in myself?

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